Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

To see a kitten cross your path means that people are likely to think well of you in weeks to come.

Kittens have been associated with various superstitions. If one experiences a dream that involves a kitten, then this represents their desire to have a good feeling about life. A kitten represents a highly distorted sense of reality that one will be highly motivated to keep believing in. In real life the kitten offers a reflection of a failed relationship. It may be a representation of fantasies of grandeur.

A kitten is an indication that you need to define objectives in life, be more honest with yourself, or that you are somehow relying on some things which can never be proved. There are various beliefs about cats that can be associated with kittens. Among many cultures there is a belief that if one encounters a black kitten that walks in their path then they will have bad luck in all the undertakings for two months. The bad luck can only be escaped if the subject stops and waits for another person to walk past. If this happens that other person takes the bad luck.

There are various superstitions the people from all over the world in relation to kittens. For the Scottish, if one gets a black kitten in one of their porches then this means prosperity is on the way. The Italians believe that if one sees a kitten sneeze then this will be good omen for them and all others who hear it. The Americans believe that if one encounters a black cat during the night then this will be extreme bad luck for them, on the other hand, the same people believe that on dreaming of a black kitten then one will have good luck all - over their lives. There is a common superstition that if one sees a one eyed kitten, they should then spit in their thumb then stamp it in their palm and make a wish, the wish is suppose to be granted.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012