Jaguar meaning

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The Jaguar is believed to create an enhancement of the spiritual as well as psychic abilities.

It has a high degree of awareness, directly associated with the intuitional abilities of individuals. The jaguar is believed to show one how they can embrace the spirits with a lot of composure, tenacity as well as fortitude with a full incorporation of lessons which people learn and then use them in our day to day lives. You need to ask yourself the following question: are you are making use of your imagination?

If you see one in a dream or in real life then this is associated with the need for help. If you want some advice then the jaguar can see you through with the transition that leads to self-actualization. The tiger is an ideal example of how one can go about silently while keeping in mind the way and the time that you can react, it shows an empowerment, gives one a teaching of ways so that one can maneuver as well as understanding some spiritual realms are invisible. The jaguar will cut through the negative emotions that relate to separation and divorce, in this case, it will then show how one can emotionally hurt emotions in the past and can get transformed into some other higher reason of purpose with a better sense of oneself as well as connected ness.

The wisdom of the jaguar will help one visualize the chaos that is involved when they are undergoing integration and shifting, and he will help to create balance and integration. Among the Mayan people of Aztec as well as several other cultures the jaguar is considered scared - an important figure. It served as the test for the warriors, it was as well the deity of the sun, it was symbolic to the warrior class, it was also symbolic of protection, the religious people considered the animal a tool of divination.

It is a considered a national animal. All over the history of the world, the Jaguar has been associated with several roles which are considered crucial to society. The Maya and Aztec people gave the jaguar the high ranked status of deity and a royal. The jaguar was considered an important icon in various government buildings of those people, it also features prominently in their royal costumes. The Guyana made the animal a national animal and thus, included an image of a jaguar it in their coat of arms.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012