Itchy Left Palm

Itchy left hand image of a hand

Does an itchy left palm mean money?

It’s totally common to feel your palm itch sometimes.I feel it is a “spiritual message.”

Itching is a problem that we all face at some point or another in our lives. I am Flo and the goal of my article is to provide you with the information that you need to better understand what a left itchy palm means from superstition and a spiritual perspective.

It’s important for me to briefly go over the mechanics of an itch. Obviously, the most common reason that you have an itchy left palm is because of a disease such as eczema. Alternatively, you could be allergic to something in the air or maybe you have just been in contact with something that has caused it - such as cleaning products. If you are finding that you are suffering from a left itchy palm and you do have eczema, I would honestly say that the “itching” is properly due to the medical condition. But, if you have an itchy left palm and it itches for a few seconds then goes away it could mean the following:

1. Left palm itching = you will have to pay out money unless you rub your hand on wood!

2. Right palm itching = you will receive some money very shortly.

So go right now and rub your hand on some wood! There’s even a poem associated with itchy hands. It goes like this: “Left to leave and right to receive.” It’s referring to both hands. Left for leaving money and right for receiving it. If it’s your right hand that’s itching, put your hands in your pockets before you rub it. If both your hands are itching, this means you will be rich and good luck will follow you. This is an old English superstition.

The whole thing originates from the Saxons!They’re the famous Germanic tribe that formed the first United Kingdom of England together with the Angles during the 15th century. They believed that rubbing one’s skin on silver could cure any tropical illness. Also, they’re the ones who developed the superstition that itchy hands foretells silver and money coming your way. When they landed on British land, their culture mixed with the Roman culture and superstition. Celts believed that touching wood attracted good luck.

They also believed that evil spirits existed in wood. Meaning, if you touch it after thinking and talking of your hopes and dreams, the evil spirits would make sure that you never realize them. So, if you’ve ever knocked on wood to prevent bad things from happening, now you know the background of that legend.

Itchy Palm Resulted in a lottery win!

Reading all the superstitions above makes you wonder, is any of these are real. If you don’t believe in superstitions and spiritual messages, you probably don’t believe that itchy palms could result in money loss or gain. However, if you do believe, you’re probably intrigued to learn more about it and hear cases that prove that this is true. I’ve got one for you. Allegedly, Mary Shammas, a Grandma from Brooklyn was driving on the bus when she has noticed that her left palm began itching. She remembered the superstition that itchy hands attract cash, so she jumped off the bus and headed toward the market. She bought a lottery ticket and guess what?

She hit a $64 million jackpot a few days after. If that’s not enough proof that itchy palms attract fortune, I do not know what is! If you’re a skeptic, you’re probably thinking that this is just a coincidence. I can’t blame you because the same thought has crossed my mind too. However, I like to believe in superstitions that make me happy such as this one. I will also continue to believe that knocking into wood can chase away negativity.

Itchy palm superstitions around the world

Let’s now look at what the itchy palm means throughout the world and in different cultures. In the Irish Victorian era, people believed that if you have an itchy hand, it signifies that you’re greedy or have a great desire to become rich and famous. According to the London Press (Vol 2 1819), if your right palm is itching, it symbolizes a windfall. However, you need to be careful because if you scratch your hands hard, you can lose your money.

I was surprised to read in an old Welsh folklore magazine from the 1930's, that when your left-hand itches, you should rub it against an egg in order to stop the itching and bring about a baby! It’s also believed that rubbing your hand on a piece of metal if itchy is a proven way to stop gossip.

In Ireland, people believe that the right-hand itching predicts new energy entering your life. You’re likely to meet someone exciting. However, it’s possible that this person will change your life completely. If both your hands' itch, it’s believed that you’re going to experience great success and become very rich. Also, you will be followed by luck, so whatever you do will end up as a success or gain.

If both your palms itch, you need to keep them in your pockets. This will trigger your luck. Wash your hands in warm water to release the negative energy or bad omen and prevent losing money.

In Buddhism, if your right hand itches, it means that energy or serviced will be released from your body. However, if your left-hand itches, it means that you’re gathering some negative energy from your surroundings. Or someone new will enter your life. It’s possible that you’re going to meet someone that’s going to invite negative energy into your life

Itching in some spiritual books can also indicate you are releasing healing and positive energy. In the center of our hands, we have what is called the healing chakras. They are pink in color. The itchy left palm could mean you need healing or are releasing healing. If the itch is moving through a left hand up to your arms it means that you are passive but need healing. However, if the itch is also in the right hand, it apparently means that you are very active and that a new start is on the horizon. In Persian tradition, if your left-hand itches, it means you need to search for new energy in life.

To conclude, rubbing or touching a piece of wood is considered an old tried out a method for releasing or transferring “unwanted” bad energy and it is important to stop the itch.

Why are my hands itchy?

Sometimes itchy hands could be a signal for the skin condition psoriasis. If you have never heard of it, it is a condition that appears when your skin cells grow at the highest speed and pile up on your surface. This normally usually runs in families. Aside from this, itchy hands could point out different skin conditions. Instead of waiting to receive or lose money, it is important to pop to see the doctor if the palm keeps on itching.

Am I really going to lose money?

As I already mentioned, a left-hand itching in superstitions foretells losing money or giving money away. But we do that every day! It’s just a superstition that may not turn out to be true. For example, my left hand was itchy the other day but I didn’t lose any money. Who knows, maybe there’s a time frame when your left-hand itches and you’re going to lose money in the next few weeks.

What itchy fingers mean?

Well, I get this after I have been cleaning the bath out - and it really winds me up. It can vary from a mild annoying itch to the insane condition that consumes all your energy and focus and directs me into spending 5 minutes under the tap of the bathroom. I have said before that usually, itchy fingers are a result of dry skin. If you’ve already washed your hands and it keeps itching it can mean that travel will be yours. The other day I had an itchy finger and it was just between the crevices which really annoyed me then I found out I was going to take a road trip! I’m not sure if the two are a coincidence!;

Left-hand itching pregnancy

I know that it’s believed that itchy palms attract cash. However, there’s a popular pregnancy condition that might be associated with itchy hands. It is called antipathetic cholesterol. It is a liver condition that’s common in pregnant women who are in their late stages of labor. It manifests by itching, but, the rash is not included. It usually happens on the palms and feet but it could also occur in some other body parts.

If you notice itching during the late stages of your pregnancy, it’s advised to visit your doctor. If you have this condition. Usually, it occurs during the third trimester of your pregnancy. However, sometimes it happens earlier. Normally, once you deliver your baby, the itchiness usually stops after a couple of days. Other symptoms of this condition can include nausea, yellowing of the skin, nausea, whites of your eyes and loss of appetite.

Biblical, itching palms indicate new energy circling around your life, due to the fact the “energy” is moving through your hands.

Advice if your left palm keeps on itching

If your left palm looks inflamed or has a red patch then make sure you wash your hands and go to the doctor if it is particularly bothersome. I know if I have been carrying out a lot of cleaning I sometimes get itchy fingers. However, if my itchy palm normally happens only for a short while, I know that I will be in for material gain and always knock on my wooden dining table.


In conclusion, the meaning of itchy left hand is not the same for everyone. For example, some people believe that itchy hands symbolize energy and healing and other people to win or loose money. I have covered some rather strange cultural beliefs as well! And don't forget that touching or knocking on wood means that you will gain some good fortune back. I’m interested in learning more about this superstition because, during my research, I have come across many different stories. For example, has your palm itching attracted great fortune money and good luck for you? Or do you feel you need to give or receive healing? I will be interested to know which one do you believe. Blessings, Flo

By Florance Saul
Sep 27, 2019