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This is an ancient tradition for Italians to wear the horn to protect against evil.

Animal horns symbolize defense, aggression, destruction and strength. We have all seen in the shops wonderful pictures of jewellery of horns. These are considered lucky but where does it come from? The horn does have association with the occult and comes from Italy. This is where the wearing of the horn first began. This horn is known as a Cornu, Cornicello or as some say, the devil's horn. People wear this to protect against evil, specifically the evil eye. To wear such an item is associated with giving great luck and power to others. One is normally blessed with protection upon wearing such a horn. This horn can stop the evil eye.

The material that this horn is made from is normally gold, silver or red coral. It cannot be mistaken of a horn from an animal, like in the picture above. But normally takes a more natural approach to the look of such a horn. Many Italian stores stock such a horn. These horns have been connected to the Moon Goddess. Some Catholics still use the Cornicelli and associate them with the devil, in that they will not wear them. As this is associated with the moon goddess the Cornicelli is normally connected to the virgin Mary - as this has the same association as the moon goddess. The protection we have already mentioned is from the evil eye. If we now look at Italians and what they believe they think this item protects against the evil eye. This is believed to harm people. It's when someone looks at another in the wrong way - notably mothers and their babies. The ancient custom of making cornuto charms from metal such as silver and blood coral which is connected to the sea goddess Venus - means that they are normally found mainly in Italy.

They are also said to represent immortality and salvation. There’s some allusion to the phallic both in a penetrative sense and a common belief that a powered form of certain animal horns is a powerful aphrodisiac. Satan is typically illustrated as being horned and interestingly, charms specifically intended to protect from evil were often shaped like horns. Similarly, positioning the fingers of one’s hand into a vague horn shape and making a butting motion is believed to be effective protection from the evil eye. As a musical instrument the horn is a commonly associated with angles. Often used in times of war the trumpet is a call to arms as well as a call for reinforcements.The trumpet may signify victory and salvation in this regard.

In many parts of the world horns have featured prominently in tales and in the conduction of various rituals. In the bible, the horns have been mentioned and their main role is to signify the power of the reality from good. In other words, the power of what is false from what is evil, in this case there is a claim that for those who know the word, they will be represented by the ram and this means they will be enabled with the natural memory knowledge with their full mighty as far as the truth is concerned, this will enable them get free from the ability of perceiving the realities.

A horn is a significance of the power of the reality from what is good and this can be seen in various verses of the bible which include from various passages. The following verse has been taken from the bible: "Thou art the glory of their strength, and in Thy good pleasure wilt Thou exalt our horn for our shield belongeth unto Jehovah, and our king to the Holy One of Israel. My truth and My mercy shall be with him, and in my name shall his horn be exalted I will set his hand also in the sea, and his right hand in the rivers (Ps. 89:17, 18, 24, 26)"

In this case, the horn is associated with power. As for the Italians, wearing a horn has various different meanings, in the past it symbolized a European moon God - but these days it is considered an amulet that offers the wearer protection against the black eye and the evil spirits. For the Italian Americans the horn is to be worn only by males. It has the appearance of a wavy line which will be hung on a necklace and this will have some spiritual purposes.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012