Hurricane Spiritual Meaning

Hurricane spiritual meaning

What does the hurricane symbol represent?

The Hurricane symbol represents the “hidden shadow” it is a warning that one needs to be strong.

Spiritually the symbol represents fear, control as well as spiritual individualism. Sometimes we grow best when we have to face our fears. The more we share experiences with others the more we develop in life.

How do we survive in hurling winds pulling us in every direction? What is the psychic meaning of such an event and how do we ensure we stay strong mentally with the impending natural disaster? Every hurricane leaves a path of destruction, many displaced from their homes. Leaving the land in desperate chaos. As the situation unfolds the more traumatic for survivors of the hurricane. But what does this mean from a spiritual context? why did it happen?

We are all left wondering how to overcome the tremendous odds and recover from such an ordeal? The limits of the actions of the hurricane can affect our psyche. There is a sense of fear, and the use of instincts in times of crisis. The hurricane aftermath needs to ensure that we build up what we have lost from a psychic perspective. The important thing is to reach a point to start again. There is a psychic awakening after the hurricane settles and the need to build from the loss, the loss of possessions, loss of time and live by a real sense of values. To be affected by this natural disaster from a psychic perspective challenge one's fear.

At the present time, there is a sense of community and practical strengthening of the aura will promote the courage and confidence to beat the negative feelings. Light a white candle, the divine flame will offer a spark to help the higher self truly recover. From the hurricane, the energy will (from a spiritual context) hold the secret to making you strong. Your higher self is the foundation and the inexhaustible hurdles in the way will make the way for divine blessing. According to principles of spiritual connection to hurricanes in general they strengthen us, challenge us and are known as the “tower of light.”

In hurricane Katrina, over 70% of people said they found a greater meaning spiritually*, and were able to recover. If we look at the religious aspects the most traumatic experiences can propel us into understanding the true meaning of life.

So what are the superstitions that surround a hurricane?

The wind of a hurricane is associated with our connections in life. Old folk lore denotes that if you point at the hurricane it will move along in its path it will avoid you. It was also associated with control. Many people in ancient times placed a wind chime on their porch with a cross at the top and a heart at the bottom - to protect their house from the winds. The direction of the wind is also important according to the folklore for the wind to travel to the east denotes calamity, to travel to the south peace after the disaster, to travel to the north then the light will shine once again and finally, if the direction of the wind is south it denotes attachment. Obviously, hurricanes all bring calamity and a whistling wind is supposed to promise after the destruction calmness and peace. God bless.

Source: Katrina community advisory group 2006

By Flo Saul
Sep 8, 2017