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Hat Superstitions

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Hat's are symbolic and at times it can be difficult to choose the correct hat for a wedding, funeral or for a day at the races.

All these occasions normally mean that a hat is worn. How do you pick the right hat to wear? You need to look at the color of the hair in order to select the right hat for your hair. In old folklore, you should not put a hat on the bed. This is connected to bad luck. Blonde hair may catch the sun, but brunettes have rich characteristics, therefore, hats that look appealing are generally chosen due to one's hair color. So the question is what is the best way to make the most of your looks - when wearing a hat? Just follow our simple hat color guide, covering from pastels to brights. Clearly, one's skin tone plays a significant factor when choosing a hat, but focusing on compatible hues. There is a simple concept: colors that are contrasting to an outfit will stand out.

There are many hats that are different colors and each one will signify a meaning depending on the color - this meaning follows color therapy. Romans believed a red flag was a signal for battle, a red hat means danger. Hat's worn In South Africa is associated with mourning, so red is a form of danger. In China the color red represents being lucky, it is normally used as a popular wedding color - therefore, red is considered a wonderful color for a hat in a wedding, a red hat looks especially good on a person with brown or black hair.

Green hats represent nature. In Greece, there has been a long tradition that green hats symbolized victory. Green Berets are worn in the US army, they are associated with a certain rank. The superstitions of the Green Beret is that they protect the wearer. In Chinese mythology green hats are connected to Green is a healing color and the color of nature, the beret was supposed to bring luck. It is associated with the 10th special forces group. A green hat is considered lucky to wear at the races. The bigger the better. If you have auburn hair a light blue hat is considered a wonderful addition to an outfit. Dark blue hats are often a great color for those that attend a funeral, or a wedding and is rather versatile. This earthy shade can look great on any color hair. In Iran the color blue is considered the color to wear for mourning. Blue is also a popular color for a wedding hat, as blue is associated with love. This comes from the fact that a bride has to wear or carry an item that is blue on her wedding day.

In Thailand, the color purple is normally worn by a widow shortly after her husband's death. Deep purple is a good solemn color to wear to a funeral. Royal purple is a color that is associated with the royal family - so a hat in purple for a wedding is a good choice. In Egypt and Burma, many wear yellow hats at a funeral - as this signifies mourning. A white hat is often the preferred color to wear to a wedding as it is associated with intense purity, love, enthusiasm, anger, devotion, or passion. Any hair color suits a white hat. A black hat is commonly worn to a funeral and any hair color suits this type of garment also.

From hot pink to pastel yellow, there are many different colors to choose from. Although the exact origins of hat superstitions are lost to history, it's considered to have commenced in ancient times. It was thought evil spirits resided in the hair. This was because evil spirits were found in the bed! So where did this strange superstition came from? - do not put hats on the bed! Sometimes in ancient times when one went in the house and removed their hats, this caused a wave of static electricity so the hair stood on end, sprang and crackled. Leaving the hat on a bed isn't necessarily associated with evil spirits. This was not evil spirits but this is because of this static electricity. This was thought it was a reaction associated with the spirits that lurked in their hats! We can laugh at this now in our modern world.

In a few Jewish families, if one leaves a hat anywhere in the bedroom - the bed was considered to portend death. While there is not any records people actually dying if this happened there have been enough accounts of evil spirits visiting those that did place the hat on the bed. Within the United States, it is believed there is 12 million lice outbreaks, which occur yearly. Additionally, lice might be spread through swapping hats. Here are some interesting superstitions around hats:

  • London black taxi's are the shape they are (with tall ceilings) so that a gentleman can ride inside and not remove his hat.
  • White-colored tall chef hats generally contain over one hundred pleats to represent numerous ways an egg might be cooked.
  • A wedding hat should always be put on the floor before putting on the head according to Victorian superstitions.
  • In 1920s there's an unusual custom in the United States to wear a straw hat on the 15th of September.
  • Those who supply men’s hats are classified as hatters while those who supply women’s hats are classified as milliners.
  • We always see Vikings with horns on their hat. In reality they never even wore horns.

If we look at the past hats were worn for many occasions. The question people tend to ask when attending a funeral is: is it common for people to still wear hats to a funeral? Yes, it is is the answer. if we look back heads were traditionally covered in church. Dressing for such an event means that one must understand respect and there is no fast rule on if the etiquette for funeral attendance should or should not wear a hat. In 2017, we need to listen to how society in general views hats in church. Most people don't wear a hat but covering the head is as we have already touched on - a sign of respect.

It is customary to wear a hat that is black - if a hat is worn. Alternatively, the color navy should be worn but other colors such as dull brown, deep plum and beige are also considered accepted colours. In a Muslim context, the hat is replaced with cloth and any inappropriate hats should be removed that contain decoration such as feathers. The hat’s worn at funerals should be plain. In any funeral, the clothes should be sober in context to reflect how important the occasion is. Moving on, there is normally some eye-catching hats at the races.

There are many competitions between women who have the best hat. The races normally see women in a range of hats of all shapes and colors. Weddings also favor hat wearers. Beautiful hats of white and pink are favorites. Here we list some superstitions around hats. Many people wear hats to all sorts of occasion. The funeral hat is popular to hide the face, essentially the sadness of those attending the funeral. Hats of various types and styles can be associated with occupation, class and social standing. It is a customary sign of respect to remove one’s hat upon entering a building or when in the presence of a lady; “my hat’s off to you”, as a way of expressing admiration and respect originated from this custom.

There are various superstitions that relate to hats and among the common of these is the one that by putting on a hat while in bed will bring some type of bad luck. The act is considered to bring extreme bad luck to the subject and thus is highly discouraged at all times. The superstition is not any different from another. For example when passing under a ladder or even having an encounter with a red cat on the way at nine in the evening, is an equal superstition. All these superstitions are said to have the effects of attracting bad luck to the individual in question.

There are superstitions that relate to bad luck arising from the color of hats. There are beliefs that one may increase their chances of winning when they engage in a contest if they have the habit of keeping off their hats off when they are in bed, this applies to all the other activities that rely on luck. There should be no worry if one has already done the same for a very long time as all that they have to do is to develop the new habit of keeping off their hats while they are still in bed.

When the art of wearing hats was a very common phenomenon, there came out a series of superstitions that related to the wearing of a hat. This can be seen in the vintage movies that were common. In the old movies one will then see people who have put on hats that may appear to be primary colors. There are various facts in human history that attempt to give an explanation of the phenomena of hats and bad luck.

The following are a number of explanations on the superstition that surround the wearing of hats. In the past times, there was generally much less body hygiene than in the modern world - and led to infestation of the bodies with lice. This implies that if one puts on a hat the lice will not jump into the hair. The other explanation is that there was a belief that evil spirits that lived in the hair, the superstition then says that one could possibly make a transfer of the evil spirits from one hat onto their bed even if the person had the hat on!

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012