How to find your animal guide

Animal guide

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Every human being has some likeness and compassion towards a particular animal.

You will have to meditate to understand the relationship of your chosen animal. You are most likely to develop relationships with the animals you like and least likely to develop relationships with animals you dislike and are frightened by. During this process, you may start by asking certain questions and seeking answers to these questions. You must remember that this is the relationship between two spirits and that your spirit animal will choose you. The spirit animal cannot be chosen. There are several ways to identify your spirit animal. It could be done during meditations, dreaming (either daydreaming or night dreaming) and in the subconscious state of mind. During the process of meditation, your spirit animal may appear in front of you. You might notice their presence because of some unusual behaviors which capture your attention. You may find it useful to watch for repetitive encounters with the same animal and understand the features of such animals carefully.

Deep meditations and an active imagination will help in visualization of your spirit animal, especially when you are in a receptive state of mind to the inherent wisdom and power of the animal spirit world. The most common manifestations of unconsciousness imagery are the dreams of animals. Such dreams can be useful in the selection and identification of your spirit animal. Different people have different animal spirit guides, but it is evident that you don't choose your animal spirit guide; rather they choose you. Intense concentration is the best way to find your spirit animal. Unfortunately, when the spirit animal speaks to you, you may not understand what they are saying or feeling.

In case you are not able to meditate, you can find a zoology book and open it up on a random page or go onto our animal guide so that the animal is chosen for you click here. Start staring at the animal on that page. If you feel energized within, then maybe this is your spirit animal. For example, if you feel likeness towards a bird you may want to build a nest out of twigs and place it on a high branch to encourage the bird to meet you. Your spirit animal is likely to enlighten you, but you should be careful and not to touch him as these may be wild animals and could hurt you. You should not be foolish enough to approach a wild animal without any protection. Instead, you should create a relaxed environment for the spirit animal and decorate your home with associated objects so that the animal feels welcome.

Learn about your spirit animal to the possible extent and watch it physically as far as possible. Believe it and think about it. Do you have repetitive dreams about a particular animal? It could be your spirit animal revealing itself to you, approaching you. Try to understand if the spirit animal had a feeling what it would say to you. Go to the root of the emotional moments and do not be scared. Let us understand that finding your spirit animal could be a striking and noble task. It can be a religious, spiritual and supernatural exercise. Your intentions should remain clean and healthy.

By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2016