Houses In Astrology

Houses in astrology

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

It has been suggested that a house symbolizes the mind.

The first floor representing the conscious, the second floor the subconscious and any lower levels (basement, cellars, etc.) the unconscious. The house has also been used as a comparison with the universe with the roof as heaven, windows as deities and the foundation and framework as the earth. As the house is sheltering, nurturing and secure we may consider it symbolic of the feminine.

There are various superstitions that relate to houses. In this case we will be looking at the astrological houses and among the simplest ways that the astrological chart can be put into the life of realities is by simply have a look at the dozen houses that are in the Zodiac. Each part of the Zodiac has various aspects of the human life that are closely linked to it. We will get a much sharper image of the astrological make up by closely looking at the numerous planets as well as signs that are in the numerous houses.

In the first house, which is also the house of self is believed to a sign of physical appearance, personality or persona, as well as the general temperament of individuals. This is the most important house in the astrological chart and it has a crucial role all through the life on a person. It frequently gives a picture of the activities that are taking place in a person’s life right now. It is representative of the person’s physical appearance, shape from and complexion. On the other end, it does show the personal talents; skills as well as gifts that are believed to be obtained form the former life of the person.

This is a very essential house which as well does give a sense of vigor, vitality, health, as the natural tendencies of a person. This is inclusive of various other aspects such as the personality, honor, well being, dignity, chest of life, top part of the face, the longevity as well as the kick off of life. We have got the second life which is representative of one’s wealth. It gives a ruling for the survival of the family band and even deals with the basic security issues. The entire matters that deal with money are ruled by this house fully. It is representative of the abilities to earn power as well as gifts form the family. This house has the capabilities to offer clues to conditions that revolve around money and financials matters as a whole.

The third house is the house of courage and siblings and deals with the people that one generally converses with. Fourth house is the house of mother and the pleasures. Fifth house is known as the house of progeny, romance, as well as completion. The sixth one is house of enemies and disease. The seventh house is known as house of marriage and partnerships. The eighth house is the house of accident and death. The ninth house is the house of fate and fortune. Tenth house is the house of profession. The eleventh house represents casual incomes and gains. The twelfth house the house of losses and expenses.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012