Horseshoe and Good Luck

Horse shoe good luck

Good Luck Horseshoe

The Horseshoe has always been a popular superstition.

The Horseshoe is a lucky charm. It is one of the most famous good luck charms. This has been a symbol in history as bringing great luck, especially to those that affix this on the front door. Many horseshoes are nailed to stable doors and has been used as a charm against witches. It is said to owe its virtue chiefly to the shape of the horseshoe. If we look back in history, going far back to 1797 there were horse shoes nailed on many doors in London, United Kingdom. A street named Monmouth street was famous for it, a fashionable street almost every house had a horse-shoe on the door. It was extremely lucky to find old iron, and more lucky to uncover a horse-shoe in these times.

If we look closer at the history, the horseshoe has been attributed to the Egyptian time. Additionally, Islamic art often contains the horseshoe. The horseshoe has a long history of being a protective symbol. Moving onto specific superstitions around this charm. If you find an old horseshoe then it is especially lucky. Great luck will fall upon you. Do you have your own good luck horseshoe? If not, then the best place to buy a horseshoe is online or to go to a blacksmith. Obviously, in the modern world the horseshoe is less common. We now have cars! but traditionally this was a famous superstition. If a horseshoe is found by accident this has multiple lucky connotations - in comparison of buying a horseshoe to affix to the property.

If the nails are still maintained this is suppose to bring even more luck! The famous ship known as Victory, whose captain was Admiral Nelson always had a good luck horseshoe on its mast. The big question of this superstition is the way in which the horseshoe hangs? From ancient superstitions the horseshoe should point downwards, which will mean that good luck will be poured down on everyone who walks underneath. Subsequently, this will also pour great luck on the household. Some said it was the iron that made the horseshoe more lucky than any other symbol.

If the horseshoe points up this is also suppose to bring great luck. This is only a theory and those who do not agree argue that if that is the case why was the horseshoe never pictured sideways. There has been many arguments on the actual way the horseshoe should hang. During the first world war people hung the horseshoe downwards.

Why the horseshoe is considered lucky?

The horseshoe is a deeply rooted superstition connected with good luck, it originates from the story of Dunstan's hunt. This is the story - that goes back to why the horseshoe became so lucky. There was a Saint known as Dunstan the story was first published in 1871 which was in a poem called the Horseshoe: “The true legend of St Dunstan and the devil by Edward G Flight.” This is wonderfully written and has pictures from the famous artist George Cruikshank.

Ok let’s move onto the story. There are many versions to this story. Most of the legends say that the story basically states how Saint Dunstan made the devil wear a horseshoe and convinced him to promise to not enter houses that affixed this symbol. He lived as a hermit in Glastonbury in England. He practiced playing the harp and often fought demon attacks. He was a great skilled blacksmith and often spent time nailing horseshoes on horses. One day he was nailing a horseshoe then the devil appeared. He agreed with the devil that he would not visit houses that had the horseshoe above the door. Subsequently, he then attacked the devil with a pair of tongs.

When his parents died he inherited a vast amount of wealth which he gave to the church. This Saint visited King Edmund court and he was popular, not only because of his wealth but also because he gave so much money to the church. The story also takes on another version. The devil visited Dustan as a women, but Dustan could see that the women had hooves. He offers to put a horseshoe on the devil because he is limping. The Saint nails a hot horseshoe on the devil so tight that the hoof started to hurt. There was a compromise reached that the devil agreed to make the horseshoe lucky and never enter a home with a horseshoe on the door. In this modern world, we still hang horseshoes for good luck - based on the story of Saint Dunstan. The day of this Saint is May 19th - known as St Dunstan's day. Horseshoe’s above the door became a popular superstition based on this tale.

Does it hurt when horseshoes are put on horses?

Many say that many people of ancient times did not really understand why the horse felt no pain. Some could not understand why when the horseshoe was hammered into the horse's hoof. Putting on a horseshoe does not hurt the horse - you will be happy to hear! This is because it is essentially putting the horse shoe onto it’s nails (like our fingernails). The horseshoe is also affixed at an angle thus, not creating pain. There is a possibility that the horse can experience pain if the horseshoe is put in the wrong angle and can result in the horse being lame.

Historically, if an old piece of iron or horseshoe is found in a forest then one must throw the horseshoe or iron over the left shoulder then make a wish and this will come true. Many believe that it is the iron the horseshoe originally was made from is one of the main reasons it is so popular.

Why do people place a horseshoe outside door and how?

There has been many superstitions that it is most important to hang the horseshoe with the points upwards. They argue that this must be done if not your luck will escape. In the First World War it was common to put the horseshoe in a down position this was common. This tradition dates back to the 16th century. Hanging horseshoes for luck has been a long tradition and custom.

So where do you hang the horseshoe?

This can be hung on the door or alternatively in the garden. Nailed onto the wall is normally the best way to protect the house against the devil. To hang the horseshoe sideways is popular in for Christians. They believe that this symbols great luck. All superstitious people agree that hanging a horseshoe. above your door will protect the home and promote good luck.

Others believe the opposite. You need to capture your luck inside the horseshoe; this will secure the home from evil encounters and keep the luck secure. No matter what the reasons may be there is no doubt that the horseshoe remains an everlasting symbol of good luck. If a horseshoe nail is found then this is associated to one year of luck, thus two nails found means two years of good luck. To see a gray horse at a wedding wearing horseshoes is considered lucky.

By Florance Saul
Dec 18, 2016