Horse superstitions

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

There are various superstitions that have been attributed to the horse.

They are around traveling, physical and spiritual stamina, freedom, increased clairvoyance, persuasiveness, awareness of becoming more cooperative as well as associated with communicative abilities. The horse can be a great guide when one is feeling they are stuck at a place and point in time, giving some teaching on how one can move in various directions while giving the freedom as well as the power to face the realities of life as well as going past one's greatest obstacles while full of grace. In life's journey, one has various problems that need to be faced.

The horse is symbolic of the powers to give an allowance as well as awaken someone’s freedom in movement and this means there will be more freedom in which one will have to make. To see a horse on the road means that a decision of which direction or choice in a situation should be reached. Many people meet a horse in meditation. If you want to be free from the current confinement as well as restrictions of life then you will have to give special attention to whatever the horse will be saying to you.

The horse has finer qualities that include strength, grace, and speed and this has made it a noble creature among many people all over the world. The history of the horse is rather unique, for instance the horse lived in the North American continent for many years and then disappeared completely for some time. However, it was reintroduced by the Spanish Conquerors in the 16th Century. The American Indians then quickly made a mastery of the equestrian skills and then managed to find the spirit of the horse highly valuable in giving an idea when they were learning how they could nurture leadership qualities, and movement and freedom safety.

Even if the horse is a fully domesticated animal, it is believed that its spirit can reach the highest levels of freedom. For the ancient people the horse was symbolic of the ease of locomotion and these people acquired the abilities to move into new lands that they could take long to reach since there were no other means of transport in those times. There are other people who seek the spirit of the horse and to such individuals the idea of freedom is a common theme. To the Indian-Americans, they associate the animal with freedom as well as the energies that result when one is free.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012