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Hell is typically described as the underworld; a fiery underground abyss.

However, much like heaven there are those who believe hell is a state of being rather than a physical place. In either event it is thought that hell is the embodiment of everlasting torment and misery; just punishment for the wicked, amoral and unrighteous. Hell is commonly accepted as the dwelling place of Satan and various and sundry demons. The doctrines about hell and heaven are in most instances told in relation to life a after death. However according to some theologians, they argue that neither heaven nor hell exists but rather what underlies the whole belief is that heaven and hell is the kind of life that one decides to live while on earth.

Even atheist have purported to support the doctrine since it enables management and control of ones behaviors especially when believing that by holding unto some given virtues and good attributes, they would enable them get better preparation for the life after their death according to either hell or heaven perspective and hope by behaving in a manner that corresponds to either hell or heaven.

The doctrines about hell or heaven are taught by alluding them to either reward or punishment, mercy or justice and between grace or reward. However most believes about hell are that it is a place of punishment, as a result it is believed that there exists a punishment model which is was thought to occur in four stages. The punishment’s point whereby it was believed to be the starting point of pain to those that deserved it starting from the way their earthly lives were conducted.

The second point of torment was believed to be “no escape” square. This is a belief that was once got to hell there was no point of turning back or even escaping. This is alluded even in the book of revelation whereby it says that when the devil shall be thrown into the dark dungeon he shall roam day and night with no place to go and nobody to deceive. The third principle and believe was based on ant universalism. The principle was based on the precepts that some of the people would be automatically consigned to face hell.

This is common even in the present generation whereby some people believe that if you were meant to perish that shall surely whether by doing good or wrong the fourth believe was about external existence. It was believes that hell would never end and for those that would get into it will face everlasting torment and punishment by casting them in a brimstone fire and endless pain. However according to some of the Christian faith and beliefs, it is deemed that those that died in Christ will resurrect one day since that was evident when Jesus resurrected from the dead together with some of the believer who had died before him and then took them to heaven.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012