Pennies from Heaven

Is Pennies from Heaven good or bad?

Long and nearly universally accepted to be the dwelling place of the Gods, heaven represents the spirit half of the spirit/matter (earth) duality.

The world’s religions define heaven in different ways.Some consider it an actual place, a utopia of sorts, while still others consider heaven a state of conscious.There are several beliefs that the Christians hold concerning heaven but a good number have the belief that it is the place that the holy lot will; go live in the end of the world. As for the Anglican or the Episcopal they have the general belief that eternal life is the only way tat human beings can get the ability to enjoy with their maker God which lives in the heavens. As for the followers of God, they have the common belief of heaven and hell. The belief that the real heaven and hell can never be reached by the simple mind of the humans and that this cannot be even possible even by dreams.

No-one can give the correct picture of what the real heaven looks like. They have the simple belief that heaven has the look of the maker and that it can never be revealed to any human being as long as they live on this earth. As for the Baptists, there is a common case their bodies will be fully horrified and will receive the rewards that they deserve and that they will then move to the heavens to live with the Heavenly Master forever and ever. As for the Lutherans, they have the belief that there is eternal as well as everlasting life and this has been identified as the climax of faith in Christianity.

For the Methodists, there is an argument that John Wesley had the beliefs that there was some close relationship between the time of death and the time that the final judgment and that in this stage will make the sinners aware of the fate that will be awaiting them soon after that while the believers will have to spend nice times with Abraham or simply be in paradise. There have been various debates on whether the idea will get formal recognition from the authorities governing the doctrinal standards of the Methodist Church and they have been against the ideas that seem to make the ideas that link death and liveliness after the judgment that is to take place in the final day of the world.

By Flo Saul
Oct 29, 2012