The Heart

The heart

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

This was a favourite charm in Egypt.

The "the heart" was worn in order to frustrate magicians, sorcerers and evil wishers from bewitching the wearer and stealing the soul from the heart.

There was the general belief that of the soul left the heart, the body would soon fade away and perish. The ancient Egyptians also believed that, after death, the heart was taken, in the underworld, and weighed against the symbols of the law; if found perfect, it was restored to the body, which at once came to life again and enjoyed everlasting felicity. In modern times the heart is normally worn as a pendent to signify love and passion. Here are some interesting supersitions of hearts: A silver heart means that one will marry soon, if given their lover or friend will always be there. The gold heart signifies deep love and passion forever. To break a heart chain means that love may be complex. For the heart pendant to break away from the chain means unhappiness in marriage.For the heart to have stones within in symbolises that one will marry soon. For there to be more than one heart on the necklace then others will be involved in the relationship. Three stones on the heart suggests marriage will happen quickly.

The heart is often used as ones tattoo, why do people select the heart as a tattoo? This can be seen as a charm, there are many charms used in tattoo’s but the heart normally helps one in matters of love. The heart is normally often also worn as a sign of devotion. Being pinned on the body as a broach or a necklace. In cathedrals it is normal to see a heart added to a shrine to show that one is devoted to a saint. So what is the meaning of giving a heart pendant?

One should know that by giving a heart necklace it is a sign of deep devotion, and everlasting love for someone. The human heart in the body pumps blood and represents the emotional side of love. The necklaces that have hearts in them are normally a great gift for a women. Here are some ancient superstitions around hearts:

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012