Heart superstition

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

“The heart is the source of all knowledge.

What the arms do, where the legs take us, how all the parts of the body move -- all this the heart ordains.” (Purportedly from ancient Egyptian texts) The seat of human emotion, ;the heart is the essence of life, it is vital and courageous. The heart embodies love and affection, passion and desire, but unfortunately, pain and suffering. The heart-shaped icon is perhaps the most widely used and well-known symbol of love, throughout history.

The common question then is whether when sneezing does your heart stop? This is a superstition that the heart stops when one sneezes. Normally a sneeze will begin as a tickling sensation in ones nerve endings which then relay a message to ones brain and this will mean that there is some need to get some irritating stuff out of the nose’s lining. In the initial step, one will have to take a deep breath and then have some hold of it, this will lead to the tightening of the chest. The pressure of air in the lungs of the subject will then have to increase and this will make the person to close the eyes and press the tongue against the upper part of the mouth, this will lead to a sudden breath out of the nose which can be simply defined as sneezing.

Then one will wonder where the myth came from. Why do heartbeats stop when one sneezes. This can be scientifically explained that when you sneeze there is an abrupt change of the pressure in the chest and this has the effect of making changes to the individual’s blood flow. This may at other times cause some change to the rhythm of the heartbeat. One doctor form the U.S said that when one sneezes it does feel their heart skipped a beat while in reality it has not. On the other hand another doctor further explains that there are case that the heart does experience a skip but that the skip may even go on for a while before resumption back to the normal situation.

This may at times be accompanied by some more noticeable and more recognizable and this may be reflected in some funny a sensation in the throat or top part of the chest. There are various mysteries that surround the human heart and there are various ways that the mysteries can be unlocked. Among the Christians they believe that the only way that the human heart can be saved is through keeping all the commandments of the heavenly master at all times, this will give them further advantage of an eternal life with their entire offspring. There is a constant emphasis to keep one's heart close to the lord, which is emphasized in the bible.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012