The Hand

The Hand

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The use of a representation of the Hand as a talisman can be traced back to at least 800 years B.C. when it was used as a charm against enchantment.

Many varieties of the Hand exist; in some the elaboration is very marked, each device representing some particular charm. Life size models of these hands were supposed to guard the house against all the influences of magic and evil, and smaller replicas protected their wearers from every description of harm. The extended thumb and first two fingers, the third and fourth fingers closed, is the position still assumed during the Benediction in some Christian Churches of today. The hand is associated with the sun. It is a positive charm. The hand is associated with protection the hand as we have already explained as a talisman is magical. Since we see five digits on the hand, these five digits are associated with the pentagram. For thousands of years the hand is associated with the pentagram and protection. As the hand is similar to a five points pentacle so you see the synergy between the pentagram and the hand in occult work.

Five also represents fire, the pentagram has five points and the hand has five fingers! so it is doubtless that the hand symbol is powerful. In ancient China, the hand is a symbol of protection. In fact many religions and cultures associate the hand with good luck. We do have a separate article on the Hand of Fatima. Fatima was the daughter of Mohammed and the hand was associated with protection in Jewish culture.

The hand is also found in many religions and cultures - particularly in the Hispanic culture. Many people today can buy a bracelet for a few dollars that contains the talismans of hands, this is associated with protection against hoaxes. These bracelets come in various colors but despite the color, they all offer universal protection. This jewelry is very popular in Middle East and North African cultures. In ancient Greece and Mediterranean countries there is a strong tradition about how the hand is deemed to release power and in these countries the hand is a universal symbol. The hand also brings a balance of success and good luck. Normally, images of hands include pattern geometry and are found all over world in different artwork, movies. If we look back to ancient Egyptian methodology the hand symbol was associated with royal power and spiritual abilities.

If we now consider the Indian religion of Hinduism they believe that if you hold up the hand it will provide power and a vision, like a spiritual guide. This is why today the traditional meaning of the hand from an occult perspective is steering away from it being just a symbol of protection but it is considered more than just a hand but a reflector of the future.The hand is also associated with palmistry and the future is suppose to be read in the lines of the hand. We have a large amount of information found in our palmistry section of the website. Please click here.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012