Hammer Superstitions

Hammer Superstition

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Hammers have a long and distinguished history as man’s oldest and most valuable tool.

Often depicted in illustration, logos, flags, seals and coats of arms, typically hammers are symbolic of the working class, strength, might and industry. Thor’s hammer (Mjolinr) is thought symbolic of the power which exists within Gods and Men. Amulets fashioned in the likeness of Thor’s hammer were thought to afford the power of Thor’s protection to the wearer.During the medieval period the war hammer was a common weapon for close combat. In either of the hands, a hammer is lucky to be placed in either.

There is a philosophical argument that as far as the issues of the inner attributes the hammer is considered lucky. There is some issue connected to the hardness. The size of the hammer states how lucky the person will be who uses the tool. In this case there could be some efficacy in carrying out various tasks such as the pounding of nails into various surfaces. The destruction of walls is often by using a hammer. There are many superstitions that surround hammers as follows: If a wood hammer comes into the home it is a sign of death to the household. This is known as the wooden hammer, and sometimes considered a devil’s tool. It is under the protection of bad spirits.

  • To find a hammer means that one will have luck and a long life.
  • To hammer one’s finger means that you will be unlucky in love.
  • Touching a hammer used by someone means that you need to hold your breath to prevent bad luck.
  • To protect against illness place a hammer outside in hay.
  • A hammer placed on the window sill will prevent bad spirits from entering.
  • If you cut wood with a hammer this will mean that a child will soon be born.
  • Using a hammer on a roof will bring great luck.
  • Dropping a hammer means that demons will be close. Toss the hammer over left shoulder to remove these demons.
  • It’s bad luck to buy a hammer - always get one given as a gift.
  • To hear the sound of a hammer at dawn means great luck will be yours.

It is a good omen if the hammer is carried in the left hand, otherwise there will be some bad luck that will be await you. For a long time in the history of superstitions, there has been various beliefs that result in the hammer being a good omen. The use of hammers can be both and good and bad - depending on the way the user handles them. The hammer has always been used to symbolize hard work.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012