Meaning of halo

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An angel Halo is a ring of light or aura surrounding the head and/or upper body of a sacred figure.

Most commonly associated with gods, angels, heroes and rulers, halos have been described as “a window to heaven”, and “the light of divine grace”, among others. Depending on the style of art and era, a halo may be illustrated as a flat disc, a simple ring of light, a radiance or flames. Judas, Satan and other negative figures are often depicted with a black halo symbolic of evil. The Halo was believed to be a ring that surrounded an art or a person and in most instances was used in reference to the sacred practices and holy figurative attributes of legends, heroes or even rulers. The word originated from the Greek word ‘HALO ‘that had the meaning of the sun and in the literal interpretation it meant a picture of the sun.

The ancient Romans had a god which they named Halos and due to its association with the sun, they began to use the art of halo in their designs of crafts. When some of the emperors came to power, they used the that art to refer to the sun-god and as result people began to worship such idols and in effect lost sight of their true god that they initially worshiped. This led to the pagan Rome worship of idols. The halo shape has been used for a long time as a sign of power, conquering or even mighty works. For instance, in Athletics and since time immemorial, the presentation of gifts in terms of gold, silver or even bronze has always been associated with sun shaped elements.

This was a clear indication as it was believed that the sun god had the powers to grant powers to the universe and more so the opportunities to win and even conquer. It was believed that by providing such presents with such halo shaped. It was a clear show that the sun god was in control of everything that happened under the sun. In most of Egypt’s ancient sacred places there were found many solar discs which were always held above ones head especially during the time of performing religious and holy rituals. This were used in reference to the sun god which was believed to have the powers that were used to control human actions and their faith about the existence of a superior force that was in charge of mystical occurrences on earth.

In some of the ancient teachings about faith, it was said that no teacher of the law and the holy destitute was allowed to teach without wearing a yellow halo. This was believed to be a sign of god’s power and presence upon them to teach and even bless those that attended their teaching sessions. In addition to these meanings the Halo is considered good, in that it is associated with angels. In the Greek beliefs, the habit of building statutes was common plus they put a disc shape above the heads of such statutes. They also put capes upon their heads to protect them against droppings of insects which were believed to bring curses on them.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012