Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." (Pedro Calderon de la Barca)

As green occurs naturally through much of our world, it is not surprising that it symbolizes nature as a whole. Green invokes feelings of life, fertility, renewal, and regeneration. Green has its share of a negative connotation as well. For example, one can be “green with jealousy/envy” or one may be “green around the gills” with nausea. Green may also imply youth or inexperience.

The green color is a hue full of many powerful and ancient associations; however, not all of them are desirable. For many people, the color is believed to offer hope as well as immortality. However, among the Britons and the U.S citizens, there is a belief that numerous spirits of the woods have chosen the color for themselves and that they will be haunting and claiming all people who choose the color or any of the tints of the color. This may be by permanently influencing the person or even influencing the person to committing various risky acts that may lead them to trouble.

Among the actors and actresses who carry out their jobs in the theatres, they evade the color completely; there will be balking if the color is used on stage or even in the change rooms. Moving to form the boards; there are other beliefs that it is likely to occur a nationwide disaster if the postage stamps include any green color or tone. There is another belief that people who wear clothing that features green will soon have to attend a funeral. This is evident from the fact that no one has ever chosen green costumes for their wedding; this is believed to be the unluckiest of all possible colors.

The superstitions on the color green started long ago but there is enough evidence that they have been in the modern world for long enough as well and among the most common ones is in the automobile industry in which it is considered extremely unlucky to own a green car. This is also the case for people wearing green clothes.

There is a superstition that if one owns a green car then they will have extremely bad luck and will always be involved in bad accidents, breakdowns and such. For the superstitious lot, having a green car is riskier than any other car with a different color and will develop unique ailments as well as proclivities including mysterious rattles, getting odd knocks, getting unexpected pulls towards the edge. On the other side, if one owns a chariot of such color then they should expect some lunges at the walls of their garages, this will make their parking an act that is filled with adventure. In reality, such instances are to be blamed on the errors that the driver makes, to the superstitious lot it has been observed that these occurs only with the green cars.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012