Wearing Grey

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Gray is calm, neutral and un-provoking.

Here I am going to help you understand what the color gray means. Of course, the meaning can be associated with being calm and neutral. Perhaps due to the association of gray hair and maturity as well as maturity and wisdom, gray is often thought symbolic of the wise. Gray can symbolize loss or sadness and some people find the color to be disturbing. To many people gray color is a neutral and balanced color. This color is cool and does rarely evoke the emotions of individuals and to many it is moody or cloudy. You may call it gray or grey but the names are representative of various shades of the color. The word simply represent various shades of color gray: taupe, mousy, powder grey, gunmetal, ashen, iron gray, pearl, lead, sere, ash, dove gray, slate, oyster, silver, charcoal, and Payne's gray.

The gray colors are very interesting and can range from a color close to black to a color that is close to white, there are various instances that they carry a hint of brown and blue. Silver and Gray are in other times uses for each other but silver is usually slightly shinier and has a higher degree of metallic sheen. As for the nature of this color, its lighter side of black, gray color is a cool color that is common in some metals as well as storm clouds. There are various cultural ties that are attached to the color gray. For many people, the color gray has been used as the color of mourning and at times as the color of formality. When used alongside the blue suits the gray suits are considered part of the corporate world uniform.

The dark, charcoal grey charcoal grey has with it some of the virtues of black such as mystery and strength. This is a highly sophisticated color that does not have as many negative attributes as those of black. The lighter shades of grey are considered similar to those of white. Tuxedos that are colored gray are used for men in weddings. The use of gray is very common since it is considered a good and a neutral color for the backgrounds. The lighter tones of gray can be used interchangeably for white while the darker tones of the color can be used interchangeably for black. The grayish brown neutral better known as Taupe is considered a conservative, somehow earthly, and warm tone of gray. When gray is used with other colors there will be various meanings which may not necessarily be related. For instance, the color is commonly used with various shades of lavender, green, pink, and blue to give an extremely feminine quality. To give a masculine feel there is need to darken the colors. On combining hot pink with the color this can be seen as rather retro.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012