Goldfinch Symbolism

Goldfinch Symbolism

Spiritual Meaning Of A Goldfinch

Did you see a Goldfinch? Goldfinches in your garden visiting every day can indicate the root to happiness, flocks of Goldfinches indicate a communal feeling of happiness. Goldfinches often group together with greenfinches and chaffinches. My friend contacted me and said that she had seen so many Goldfinches in her garden and their brown bodies, red faces seem to be taking over and asked me my thoughts on the spiritual symbolism. The scientific name is "Carduelis" and they feed on plants that include thistles. Since 1930s they have been popular in folklore.

The “human soul” has been represented by the Goldfinch found in Ancient Egypt religious art and also Christ holds the Goldfinch, which is basically a representation of resurrection. The wonderful goldfinch spiritually in ancient texts indicate wealth, happiness, joy, prosperity and abundance. I am excited you are here to teach you about the omen of this wonderful bird. The most powerful characteristic of the Goldfinch is, of course, the wonderful twittering song it makes. Only the other day one visited my bird table and I spent ten minutes admiring its colors. So what does seeing this bird mean spiritually? What does this mean in ancient lore? If one crosses your path or you just keep on seeing them then joy and happiness is soon to come your way. If you visited a park or public space and a Goldfinch flew near you then this can indicate spiritually you are being protected. A dead Goldfinch can indicate that happiness eludes you unless you have clear goals.

Seeing a Goldfinch fly in the sky it is a positive sign to take the moment with both hands and set amazing goals. Do you ever feel worried about bad things, we all do, and this is easy to do. Seeing the Goldfinch can imply that you need to treat yourself with love. This bird visiting your window can mean you need to return the joy in your life. Here are some more meanings of seeing a Goldfinch:

Resurrection: I have touched on this above but the study of the symbol of the Goldfinch has been represented by Herbert Friedmann (1946:7-9) stated that this bird has many symbolic meanings such as the transformation of the soul, death and finally the resurrection. In olden times the bird indicates “recovering from something” Additionally, in Christian art, the Goldfinch was seen flying by Christ on his way to the cross. The religious symbol of this bird gives meaning to the meaning and significance of seeing this bird in the wild.

Happiness: The Goldfinch denotes spiritual happiness and this is a marvelous bird. There is so many ways we can be happy in life and seeing this bird calls you to become happier in yourself. Every moment of the day should be filled with happiness is the spiritual message from the Goldfinch.

Making Friends: The Goldfinch is tame, thus, seeing this bird is an omen that you should not be intimidated by making or surrounding yourself with people who could be friends with you. There is a focus here on making new friends and you might be quite shocked at the various ways that you can form new relationships. Try not to judge a book by its over.

Freedom and relationships: A bird is free, this is an important message because seeing multiple birds indicates many female friends. Maybe you will meet people under your own steam and discover inspiration and spending time with people you just get on with.

Living Healthy: The Goldfinch reminds us to remain healthy. If this is one of your priorities in life seeing this bird is a reminder to keep your life and diet in harmony.

Seeing a Goldfinch fighting: this can imply a chaotic situation that might come your way because it makes you anxious. To see a Goldfinch in a field indicates you need to make sure that things are in control.

Help With Love: I remember in 2018 when I was going through a vast amount of changes in my love life - the Goldfinch appeared every day in the winter and then again in the summer, during this time, I was on a quest to find my true meaning. I was sure this is the reason I kept seeing her wonderful yellow colors pop to my window, when my love problems were solved I did not see her again.

Goldfinch nest: To see a Goldfinch nest is an indicator that, you are enjoying security, independence, protection, and shelter. A shelter is important as it will make it possible for you to get away from the hustles of day to day activities and rest. Alternatively, to disturb a Goldfinch nest could imply that you are getting some success in new opportunities which you embarked on and they are currently bringing happiness to your life.

Dying or dead Goldfinch: If you see a dead or dying Goldfinch, it means that you are focused on disappointments. You will need to pay close attention to whatever problem is currently causing problems in your life. Seeing a Goldfinch in your dream is a sign of financial gain, lots of money.

The American Goldfinch is normally seen all year, I live in the UK and often see them during the summer months. Goldfinches normally breed in rural areas, most importantly the Goldfinch is captivating and indicates joys will return into your life. I read many Victorian books about the omens of the Goldfinch and can conclude that the bird indicates “stripping down life itself” and not allowing the enemy to destroy you.

What are the Goldfinch facts and characteristics?

I like to talk about a few facts about the Goldfinch. So here we go. The Goldfinch has a variety of feathers bearing different colors. I believe that these colors spiritually are associated with lovingness. Their wings and heads are colorful, normally yellow while their backs are light brown. Some people have Goldfinch in cages (as pets) in their homes because it is a bird that is easy to tame. Feeding and caring for a Goldfinch can indicate self-love. The Goldfinch normally nests in summer and loses the brown and grey winter which becomes luminous yellow in summer. A Goldfinch is a passerine bird, a native of Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. It belongs to the finch family, and currently, due to tourism, the bird has moved and resided in New Zealand, Australia, and Uruguay.

What does it mean to have a Goldfinch as a totem?

Seeing a Goldfinch in a meditation or vision means it could be your animal totem. If a Goldfinch flies into you (in real life) then this could also be characterized as an animal totem. The Goldfinch in animal totem terms denotes communication, beauty, family, connections, harmony, and health. If you find yourself born under the Goldfinch totem, (March 4th to April 22nd) then you are automatically a family oriented person. The Goldfinch in this instances denotes that you enjoy being close to those you call family and spending “family” time. You are a social person and you love spending time with others to converse on different topics because that is what make you filled with energy and joy.

If you are protected or are born under the Goldfinch totem, it follows that you are good when it comes to communication and at the same time, quiet calm. You enjoy the small things in life. The Goldfinch being beautiful birds meaning, if it is your totem, you will definitely have this beauty in and on you. You have an inner beauty that makes people want to be closer to you all the time. The Goldfinch can also indicate trustworthy friends and with that, the feeling of being comfortable and happy in life.

What does a Goldfinch as a symbol in a dream mean?

When you see a Goldfinch as a symbol in your dream, it will carry different meanings depending on the context in which it appears. On a general note, it symbolizes hopes, aspirations, and goals. Here are some of the dreams you might experience about a goldfinch.

Goldfinch in the sky: When you dream about seeing a Goldfinch in the sky, it is a sign that, you are going to enjoy love, pleasure, balance, harmony, and pleasure in the coming days. What you will experience will resemble a sunny day in summer, carefree and cheerful. It can mean, due to the resurrection I discussed that you hold a clear view of your life. This can also mean psychological liberation and spiritual freedom. A large burden has been lifted from your shoulders and you are feeling free to see a flock of Goldfinch birds.

What is a Goldfinch as a symbol in different cultures

Various cultures in Native America, Europe, Africa and Asia had different symbolism about the Goldfinch. For the native Americans, they believed that a Goldfinch was symbolic of positive energy and joy. Many cultures considered the Goldfinch song to have a special meaning and whenever it sang, they believed that it was an inner self-expression. To the red Indians, a Goldfinch is symbolic of being free from other people’s judgment, and being yourself without outside influence. In artistic symbolism, the Goldfinch has been used to depict inspiration and motivation. A painting by Donna Tartt is quite a famous drawing of a Goldfinch that has been seen in many cultures. Many short stories, novels, and poems have depicted the Goldfinch as a beautiful bird that has inspired many for centuries.

I hope you enjoyed this meaning of the Goldfinch and for further reading see the “symbolic Goldfinch: its history and significance in European Devotional Art (The Bollinggen Series VII) the Goldfinch is a great omen that represents happiness, joy, and appreciation. Consider how the Goldfinch works with other birds to create flocks and that the symbolism is positive.

By Florance Saul
Jun 27, 2018