Pick Up A Glove Superstitions

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Gloves have long existed and have been used in ancient times and folklore around gloves is quite interesting.

I am Flo, if you pick up a glove in ancient times it is suppose to bring bad luck. In English folklore picking up a glove should only be done by a lover. This dates back to the medieval era and the glove indicates the hope of love if it is picked up by someone you love. To see a glove laying on the sidewalk indicates that something is trying to hide from you. Gloves protect the hand. Therefore, protection is required. If you are looking for ways to increase wealth seeing a glove will help balance ones energy. Gloves have evolved in form and function but their purpose remains much the same. Gloves protect the hands from harm as a result of manual labor, cold and dirt and harmful microorganisms. Reinforced gloves were common in battle. We can certainly say that gloves have always been symbolic of protection. Around the 13th century, ladies began wearing gloves ornamentally, symbolic of status and social class. The presentation of gloves from man to woman or woman to man was typically symbolic of love and promise.

Gloves for a very long time been worn to offer protection of people hands as well as bring about decoration. In history, there are several cases and traditions of interest which have been closely connected with gloves and this gives some symbolism to the accessory. Firstly, gloves were normally not the party of decoration but they were mainly used for protection of the hands during some type of work. These gloves were made of cheap materials and they were being used by soldiers, shepherds, and servants of various times. When the era of social classes came about then gloves were symbolic of the social status of the owner.

There is rich history of the use of gloves by people, and this has been evident from the written materials as well as excavations that have led to the discovery of the gloves. For the Egyptians, gloves were very common and their main purpose was to offer protection for the hands. As for other reasons, they were commonly being worn by the pharaohs who wore them as a symbol of their high special position in society. Gloves were also worn by women as a protector for their hands, in those times, it was the duty of women to rub their hands with fragrant oils and honey to give out a nice scent. In the past, gloves were simple and were made as packets. They did not have holes for the fingers. The gloves for the Egyptian women were made within just one thumb similar top the mittens that you find currently and the Egyptian women wore them while eating or working.

Gloves had symbolic meaning in the knight's circle and if one handed a glove to the knights - they become a vassal of the person who gave the glove to him. It meant a duel if the glove was to be thrown under a persons feet. The popular expression challenge to a duel was a common phrase until the termination of the 18th Century. On receiving a glove from a woman this would have a different meaning to a man; this would be considered a great love and benevolence. The knight would then have to wear the symbol in his neck in a unique bag and this was not to be left anywhere. Among the Lombardians, one was to give a sword and glove to their lovers and this was to show a lot of faithfulness when the marriage ceremony was on.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012