Fox Superstitions

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

The fox has many superstitions - especially as people use to / still do hunt foxes.

Obviously, we all know that the fox is a wild animal that is endowed with great traits ranging from, cunning, swiftness, courage, persistence, good health, great eating habits, highly skilled and even ingenious. The traits are believed to range from the physical, spiritual and mental perspectives. The fox is thought to have the capability of teaching one on how to walk through the woods. It is the master of camouflaging as in most instances it has the sense of creating a harmonious blending in its environment. It displays characters such as being still and patience and communication abilities.

It is believed that the animal has a high sense of smell and in most cases a fox would help one to uncover unpleasant situations likely to happen. As a result seeing a fox would help someone avoid something terrible happening. The animal was believed to be a perfect camouflage to its surrounding. There existed a belief that if one happened to have the spirit of a fox which was caught through cutting off its tail then such a person could never be seen or even noticed by his close allies whenever they tried to search for him or her.

The fox was believed to have a very high sense of hearing than any other creature. As a result people believed that the fox communicated with the spirits. This was a superstitious presumption people used it for ritual purposes. Whenever a family member fell sick, a fox was purchased as there was a strong belief that the fox would communicate to the spirits - hopefully granting great health for the sick. The fox that was domestically tamed for sacred reasons.

The fox is endowed with highly sensitive eyesight. The animal is able to see in long range even in the middle of the night. It was believed that if a fox made a noise it was a clear indication that there was either a thief or witchcraft near the home. Thus, it was used to safeguard ones home against the attacks from evil spirits and the charm of wizards - since it was believed that its sound could chase them away. However in some of African countries, it was believed that if one happened to meet a fox or one happened to cross in someone's way while walking home, it was believed that that person would not reach home without meeting either a witch or thief. Here are some specific superstitions about a fox - just scroll down!

  • If a fox crosses your path it means that one is going to encounter a significant gain in life.
  • Seeing a fox near ones property is a bad omen. Death may come from the family or some bad situation.
  • To see one fox alone is a lucky symbol.
  • Being bitten by a fox then you will not live for more than seven years.
  • Seeing more than one fox together is an omen of disaster.
  • To nail a foxes head to a door removes bad spirits and witches.
  • Fox fat rubbed in fat cures going bald.
  • Carrying a foxes teeth helps treat a bad leg.
  • In Korea they believe that if a fox barks with it’s face at you then someone will die that you know.
  • To fight a fox means an enemy will be defeated.
  • Japanese think seeing a fox is extremely lucky.
  • To see a baby fox with or without it’s mother is a positive sign - you will win in love.
  • A fox barking is a warning of danger in life. There was a case recorded of a fox barking before a man died from falling from a tree.
  • A Persian superstition believes that a fox barking means rain.
  • Seeing a white fox denotes ill fortune.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012