Four Leaf Clover Meaning

Four leaf clover

Four Leaf Clover Meaning

Four-leaf clovers are considered lucky symbols that bring good fortune to those who find them. Four leaves represent hope, faith, love, and luck. It is said that finding a four-leaf clover is a sign of good things to come. 

Four-leaf clovers are considered lucky symbols. Due to the rarity of four-leaf clovers, they are more valuable than three-leaf clovers. A four-leaf clover is said to represent something different with each leaf. I also feel that Four-leaf clovers are also a reminder that life has its ups and downs. There is no such thing as perfect luck all the time. Keeping your head up and having hope will eventually lead to good things. Don't forget a four-leaf clover might be just around the corner next time you're feeling down! When we look at four this is a spiritual number, for example:

  • The four cosmic elements of earth (Moon, planet, stars, sun)
  • The four compass directions (north, south, east, and west)
  • The four seasons of the earth (summer, spring, autum, and winter)
  • The four elements of human life (Earth, air, fire, and water) 

When I started tenth grade I was totally obsessed with finding four-leaf clovers. With odds of 1 in 10,000 to find a four-leaf clover on the first try, I was determined to find one! We lived right next to a large hill. This was my favorite place to play because it was covered in clover. I spent hours trying to find a four-leaf clover. One thing is for sure, I remember how astonished my mother was when I returned home with three four-leaf-clovers one day, then subsequently found a further five four-leaf clovers. We humans can be so superstitious and I can remember my mother saying “Wow… you will be lucky in life.” It is believed that in Alaska there is a man who has a collection of 160k different four-leaf clovers!

What is the spiritual meaning of finding a four-leaf clover?

If you have found a four-leaf clover then it is such an amazing feeling! It turns out that the universe might be looking down on you right now and even though finding one is truly random chances are you will start to notice that things might result in more luck. 

Here are some interesting superstitions around the clover:

  • To find a 5-leaf clover means that you will have money.
  • To be given a white clover by someone indicates that you are going to be externally lucky!
  • To place a four-leaf clover on the floor and put four grains of wheat over each leaf indicates that you will see a fairy.
  • When you see a six-leaf clover appear on the lawn it foretells stormy weather.
  • To pluck a clover with a gloved hand and then give it to someone who is mad means you will heal them (yes that is a bit crazy!)
  • Four-leaf clover found in dew indicates that you will find a lover who will be true.
  • One four-leaf clover means fame, two for wealth and three for a lover, and four for great health.
  • Often in Victorian times the four-leaf clover can be dried out and pressed and then worn as a lucky charm/talisman.

Here is an ancient rhyme about clover from the 1600s:

“A clover, we love clover we do,

put it under your right shoe, the first person you meet,

will think you are sweet”

What does finding a four-leaf clover signify?

I’m going to put my scientific hat on in order to answer this question.

A four-leaf clover, according to long-time superstitions brings luck and fortune to those who find them. The common type of clover is the three-leaf and is scared to the sun-worshipping Druid priests from ancient England. The rarity of the wild four-leaf clover makes it super special. In 1950 horticulturists developed a specific seed that sprouts. The only clover with four leaves was mass-produced in kits to grow four-leaf clovers whenever you wanted. Of course, this means it is not as "rare" as it once was and millions of people cultivate the four-leaf clover on windowsills throughout the world. However, to find one in the wild, in a field or meadow is super rare and great luck (according to legend) will befall you.

We know it is lucky to find a four-leaf clover, but in addition, I wanted to discuss the folklore traditions connected to this plant. Interestingly, the four-leaf clover represents four different aspects. These include hope, faith, love, and luck. Each four-leaf clover is supposed to represent these four virtues.

Finding a five-leaf clover and what it means

Clovers can also come with 5 leaves rather than four! The five-leaf clover is also super rare and lucky to find. This is known as the rose clover.

Evoking demons through a four-leaf clover

In ancient history, the druids believed that a person who held a four-leaf clover in their possession could sight ambient demons. The druids believed that if you looked deeply in a four-leaf clover you will be able to summon a demon to work closely with you.

Four-leaf clover in ancient times

The Egyptians, on the other hand often had symbols of four-leaf clover amulets that they use to carry on their person (normally in their pockets). The four-leaf clover was connected to love and honesty and, interestingly, it was believed to be an offering from the gods.

What is the difference between the four-leaf clover and the shamrock?

If you thought the four-leaf clover was linked to St Patrick's day then you are totally wrong. One of the most celebrated days in Ireland is the famous St Patrick's day and it was not long ago that Donald Trump’s social media team used a four-leaf clover picture rather than a shamrock. Whoops! Many people have contacted me to ask what the difference is between a shamrock and a four-leaf clover. It’s simple.

The four-leaf clover and shamrock are different because of the leaves. The shamrock is basically the young white clover that never flowers but these leaves are prominent in wintertime, and the Shamrock has only 3-leaves. A four-leaf clover meanwhile, has 4 leaves.

Biblical meaning of the four-leaf clover

The symbol of “clover” is normally connected to the famous St Patrick’s Day. Many stories about St Patrick has been told over the years, but there is a legend about shamrocks. The shamrock looks like clover but has only three leaves. The three leaves in biblical terms are supposed to represent the son, the holy spirit and this is why it is a symbol of St Patrick and a symbolism of Ireland. The occurrence of the three leaves in the clover is also linked to the triple goddess (past, present, and future) Clover is said to calm people down and induce happiness.

What does the bible say about clover?

The Bible does not specifically include much about clover. There is nothing written about a four-leaf clover in the bible. There are many pieces of scripture that detail “seeking and finding” but not directly related to clover. There is a legend that Eve left the garden of Eden with a four-leaf clover she had found on the floor and she took this so she was reminded of paradise. The interesting thing there is "nothing" in the bible to detail that this actually occurred. The word clove comes from the Latin “cava” which means “club:” Hercules created a club in a four-leaf clover shape according to folklore. It is because of this that the cloverleaf is found on a pack of playing cards. This is called a club. The main pollinators of white and red clovers are honeybees and bumbles. The red clover is the most popular plant out of all the clovers and was introduced in 1650 to England. Then introduced to America in 1750.

Why is the four-leaf clover worn on St Patrick's day?

Due to its rarity, the four-leaf clover is regarded as a symbol of good luck on St. Patrick's Day. As well as the holiday is associated with green, which represents hope and new beginnings, it is also associated with the color green. It is often believed that the four-leaf clover will bring good luck to those celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Traditionally, the clover represents the shamrock, Ireland's national symbol.
Legend has it that leprechauns used to find four-leaf clover as a rare and magical plant. These special clovers were said to grant humans the leprechaun's pot of gold if they found them. Despite its rarity, the four-leaf clover remains a lucky charm for many people. It's a great way to get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit, no matter if you're Irish or not, by wearing a four-leaf clover.

Shamrocks and four-leaf clovers aren't the same. Both plants are Trifolium repens, but four-leaf clovers are genetic mutations while shamrocks are not. The four-leaf clover is rarer than the shamrock, and it is considered lucky. The shamrock is Ireland's national symbol, and it is also associated with Christianity. Usually, shamrocks have three leaves, but they can sometimes have four or five. Shamrocks are said to symbolize faith, hope, and love.

Interesting facts about clover

The American natives use to call white clover “white man’s foot grass” this is due to the fact that it seems to just spring up all over the place. Dried red clover once was an ingredient in antiasthma cigarettes and was made into a tea which is supposed to prevent cancer. The clovers are generally used to research the cure of cancer as they hold estrogenic effects. Clovers are generally high in vitamins but not really eaten by humans, but red clovers can be included in salads.

White clover is known as “Trifolium repens” which is the Latin term. This type of clover is normally found in fields and lawns in Europe. It is very common across America. Folk medicine states that the flower can be used in tea and it is supposed (in ancient times) to have been used for rheumatism and gout. This is because like red clover the white clover has antioxidants within.

My lasting thought is simply, that finding a four-leaf clover indicates: luck. But luck itself is often based on the psychological optimism that we feel and finding a four-leaf clover might make you feel that your fortunes will change.

By Florance Saul
Sep 6, 2019