Fluorescent Colors Spiritual Meaning

fluorescent colors meaning

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Maybe you have seen some fluorescent pens, observed a fluorescent jellyfish or just want to know what it means to dye your hair bright pink.

The other day I wore a fluorescent top, I loved the bright color which I mixed with white and this got me into thinking what it means spiritually. No matter who you are, what you wear and how you digest color is important for your own mental state. Colors can be connected to our spiritual feelings and this sends an unconscious message to others. The correct colors can indicate success and stimulate our own internal senses. I am going to be speaking here about fluorescent colors and what they mean. Hair that is bright in color can mean you are trying to form a basis of dialogue. A wig which is hot pink or blue can communicate hidden messages to others. A bright and fluorescent color tattoo can imply boldness, creation and internal confidence. Spiritually speaking, I will analyze these bright colors and the feelings that they may create.

Fluorescent definition

Fluorescent colors have what is known as a higher luminance indicating they reflect more light. They are highly visible this is simply due to the fact that they are so visible. Spiritually fluorescence in a color indicates the spiritual meanings of traditional colors are even more important. Fluorescence dates back to the 1500s when the color was identified in a wood of two trees, the chemicals in these trees and oxidation created a Fluorescent color. Fishermen often use fluorescent lines in order to attract fish - specifically fluorescent yellow. In color psychology, there are cool colors and fluorescent colors. The brighter the more vivid the color indicates our moods. The contrast of bright colors draw the eye and is connected to how we are perceived. When a fluorescent color is added to white it is normally connected to being ethereal or innocent. If black is added to the fluorescent color this can indicate the dilution of the hue and the spiritual meaning of fluorescent colors. The list of fluorescent colors are as follows, and I will run through the meaning underneath:

  • fluorescent green
  • fluorescent blue
  • fluorescent red
  • fluorescent violet
  • fluorescent orange/safety orange/ hunter orange spiritual meaning
  • fluorescent pink / Hot pink spiritual meaning

What is the meaning of fluorescent red?

Red is connected to energy but fluorescent red is all about aggressiveness and energy. There is also sexiness that surrounds fluorescent red and the extortion of energy. Red itself is dense and is connected to passion and blood, the brighter the more focus on energy and this grabs our attention. Red is often connected to our root chakra that is connected to our time on this psychical plane. Fluorescent red/bright red can also be connected to rage due to the vivid brightness. Think of the term red-hot mama or red light district meaning sexual passion.

What does fluorescent pink mean?

Bright pink is spiritually connected to fun and also teenage qualities. Think of pink as a matriarch of red, where the pink comes from the red hue. The color of hot pink implies energetic focus and also being assertive. Fluorescent pink can in some research help with weight loss and there are meditations around using hot pink to stop eating. Radishes are hot pink and are suppose to make you feel warm - just like eating a radish. When we are happiest in life we often don’t see past things. Fluorescent pink can indicate that you are healthy and fresh, along with an aura of romance.

What does fluorescent green mean?

Fluorescent or bright green represents that you need to focus on life. The lime green hue can indicate that you are feeling balanced. There are many different proteins that can create the type of fluorescent greens and a bright green can indicate that you have feelings that you are hiding. If you are thinking of wearing fluorescent green it indicates that you are determined to reach your goal. To decorate the house with fluorescent green implies intimate conversation with others, but that you will feel charged and powerful.

What does fluorescent blue?

This is quite an interesting color. It represents being dynamic and settled in life. Blue normally represents calmness and retreat in its simplest form. Blue represents feeling calm even when it is bright. In spiritual terms, bright blue represents being faithful and having a cool head. The sky is a type of blue and is symbolic of reaching goals. Blue is also connected to the calm seas in life.

What does the color hunter orange or fluorescent orange mean spiritually?

The color of safety orange is often used for two purposes, for hunting and also for protecting others when they are not feeling safe. Therefore, if you choose to wear this color it can mean that you are protecting others and that you are sending a bold message to others. In regards to branding, fluorescent orange can imply the following emotions: warm, happiness, domination and also logic. Red and orange is used in fast food outlets because it promotes hunger. A hue of fluorescent orange is yellow which is associated with making decisions. Bright orange can imply simulation and energy. Orange creates mental ability and also helps ones motivation, and promotes social interaction. It is seen as a nurturing color that creates great relationships. Those that wear fluorescent orange send a masculine feel, power, and strength.

By Florance Saul
Jun 15, 2018