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Finding dimes meaning

Dimes from heaven 

If you are here because you keep finding dimes then look no further I have analyzed this phenomenon, to provide an overview below.

Is finding dimes a spiritual sign? You may be on this page because you keep seeing or finding dimes. I am going to answer why! In fact, there is much significance and association around finding dimes. I am sure at one time or another you have found a coin, you may well have picked this up off the floor? In this article, it is my divine purpose to tell you what this means. Every time you find a dime there is a special meaning, it means peace and calmness in life, and more importantly that an angel is guiding you. I urge you to start logging your own coin finds.

Try to even stick these in a book and a summary of your life and if there is anything that is bothering you right now. I am Flo, a psychic, and I have been running this website for about ten years. So, my first question to ask you: Is it a sign? Is it from angels? Finding money in old folklore is associated with a message from heaven. Thus, finding nickels, pennies or any other coins is overall a positive experience. When it seems that everywhere you look, you find dimes, then it carries a message of sorts. I have written this poem below - and included a share button so you can share this on Facebook. I will now tell you all about what it means to find dimes.

What Does it Mean To Find Dimes Everywhere?

What does it mean when you begin finding dimes everywhere? It will make you start wondering if it is by coincidence or it has a hidden meaning behind it. When I was around 10 years old my Great Grandmother passed away aged sixty-seven, she lived about 100km away from us so we only visited her once a year. I know this sounds too young to die, but this was early 1980s and medicine was not as advanced as it is today. Anyway, she was a wonderful woman and all my life I can remember her because she uses to send us a package each week. This package included money and sweets and the local newspaper for my Mother to read. Remember, this was the days before the internet in the 1980s. After she passed away, two spooky things started happening. Firstly, the phone use to ring every time she would call as she used to call daily.

The phone would be silent on the other end. Secondly, we kept finding coins. All over the place! Mainly all over the stairs. We were quite poor and there is no-way my Mother would have endless coins in her purse. I realized at that young age it is not a coincidence. My mother at that time was struggling financially so it could not have been her money. After about a year we stopped finding the money when her finances improved. Was this my Great Grandmother communicating? Since then, I have always found strange coins every so often. Even today, I go about my day and find coins, normally on the floor outside. In my view, if you find a dime this comes with a message: there is a spirit guiding you, in the back of your head you know this means something. I know it directly comes from your prayers. So, dimes are a sign of angels listening.

Finding Dimes

Finding dimes meaning

You now know about the history about my Great Grandmother but for the last few months I have been finding dimes all over the place, I even found one in a restroom a few hours ago, which has fueled me to write about finding dimes spiritual meaning. As I am psychic, these strange things often happen to me, without notice. I always think about what this is connected with my spirit guides and messages. In fact, I do feel that finding dimes is all about how we communicate with our spirit guides. The shape of a coin is round. This is significant as it can indicate that you are on a journey in life and reminds you that in life we live in a “cycle” of events.

Finding dimes superstition

I love superstitions and finding dimes have much folklore attached which I feel has some truth. At times, you could get dimes in places you least expect them which symbolically could be explained and at the end of the day, you might end up believing that, when they appear, it could be a life-changing component or foretell an event which will have a significant monetary value. Actually, dimes at times appear when a change that favors you is about to occur, like that of wealth or money. It could be something to do with an insurance settlement or loan closings. When the “suddenly” appear, it stops being a mere coincidence. Here are some specific “superstitions” on finding a dime:

  • Finding a dime = The angel sends blessings.
  • Finding a penny = Calmness is needed.
  • Finding a quarter = a change or events will happen soon.
  • Finding a nickel = Don’t keep having negative thoughts.

What does it mean when you find a dime?

So, you have found a dime? It might seem silly that you are having a feeling that it “means something.” What I will say, is that this is significant. I like to think that there is “energy” attached to the dimes, but the frequency that you are finding them and the strange places you are finding them could be the reason for you searching for this on Google. When an event in life - happens repeatedly, there is a hidden meaning behind it. Such happenings make you feel that there is someone leaving the dimes for you to come later on and pick them up and thus, you are left wondering why are they doing this. If someone you loved passed it could be them. What about other people finding dimes?

There’s a really interesting story that I read in a book called “Planet Earth” by Patricia Pfeiffer. She gave an account of a soldier stationed in Kuwait for around fourteen months. His name was Gary. Gary was reporting that he kept finding dimes all over the army barracks, the interesting thing is that the military does not allow the use of American money so none of the soldiers would carry money. In fact, this goes as far as the soldiers actually been searched to ensure they don’t have coins. So why did these dimes keep appearing? Interestingly, he even found it time inside his locked office. He noticed that they were in his pockets of clothes he had worn that day but they were not there in the morning. He was getting spooked out by it. We can only imagine!

Finding Dimes Image

What is the significance of dimes and the afterlife?

As I have said a few times already, dimes are messages from angels and ultimately the “after-life. “Are there any parallels between the afterlife and dimes? Questions about the connection of dimes and death have intrigued us all. I have read so many stories about finding dimes that examine the relationship between the afterlife and the fact, it is clear the dimes send a message to us on the earth plane. The afterlife has so many theories and concepts that in time have transcended into every culture. In ancient cultures, myths and superstitions there is a belief system that if you find coins then it is associated with the afterlife who is trying to send you: bliss and rewards. There are strange ways our loved ones could communicate with us and by sending down a dime for us to find indicates that it is a message that is not scary that we are being guided or watched over.

What does dropping dimes mean?

Have you ever dropped a dime? I am sure you have! In superstition lore, it means luck will be with you but you may lose money. Now, seeing falling dimes, (if you see them fall from the sky is significant.) You must contact me if this has happened to you! It is supposed to be “the angels” directly talking to you. Another story I read in the book “Planet Earth” describes a story about women known as Shelly, she kept finding dimes on the floor, even when she was weeding the lawn she would find the glint of a dime. One day she reported a shiny dime actually “dropped” from the sky and landed on her foot. This was spooky right! Apparently, the ATM machine in her local town kept losing money and consequently, a bird’s nest was found near the bank. The nest was full of shiny dimes. The birds actually found a gap in the banks roof - and were able to get in and steal the shiny coins. So, I’m not saying that this is always the case but I found this story particularly interesting as it gives some kind of explanation to falling dimes. However, this is an isolated case and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dime you found “dropping” was from the bank as it is a highly unique situation.

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The possible interpretations of finding dimes

  • Someone you love from above is sending you a message.
  • Money and wealth could be yours – a message that something will be given to you.
  • It could be that you are receiving a “spirit” message from your guide.
  • It could be a reminder that you need to pay attention in life, keep your eyes open, or keep watching for new opportunities.
  • A loved one who has passed could be trying to get your attention.
  • Number 10 is symbolic of a circle and thus, finding a dime could be a sign that you have come full circle in a situation or something. Completion of a project, a fulfillment of a goal, or unity of the family could just be some of the things which you have achieved.
  • It could denote validation or guidance that the path of life you are undertaking is the right one.
  • Your guides, spirits, ancestors, or loved ones who have died could be trying to tell you that, they are looking over you and thus, no need to worry.
  • It could be an indicator that, you are about to experience changes which will be of a positive nature to your life. It could be that you are about to get a token or reward of approval from above.

What does it mean to find dimes in your house?

All over the world, there are mysteries of dimes appearing from nowhere, even where dimes are not used completely. According to the scientific view, there is nothing attached to this phenomenon. Some say, that it is cognitive bias where someone drops a dime and later picks it and claims that it appeared magically. But the above phenomenon diminishes in a scenario where the frequency at which the dimes appear increases and they tend to be found in places where you least expect someone to have dropped it there. For example, if you start finding dimes in your house and yet you don’t have them, you will wonder how they came to be there. In order to make sense out of it, it will mean that you have to turn away from the logical thinking of the scientists and start analyzing it from the perspective of metaphysical.

There is this story that I read in Plant Earth (source below) where a family started discovering dimes in their homes after the demise of their loved father in law. The deceased was someone who was a successful businessman, 32nd-degree Mason with hobbies such as past life reincarnation and regression hypnosis, and astral flight. Before he died, there was fear of missing him and they asked him that if he ever died, he should always give them a sign that he is around with them without scaring them. Immediately after he died, the family started finding dimes everywhere several times.

Finding dimes

Dimes could denote that, there is going to be a change in a relationship. Recently, my friend was questioning about starting a new relationship after she broke up from a long-term relationship of seven years. She decided to meet the new guy over a dinner date. On the way to the date, she stopped to fill gas in her car and when opening the gas cap, a dime came out from nowhere and fell at her feet. To her, that was approval from her late grandfather that, it was okay for her to start a new relationship.

I hope you like this article and that the dime will bring you comfort that someone is really “watching” over you. Many people have reported that they often find dimes when they are feeling depressed or at an all-time. I’m not sure whether this is entirely true because I have found coins for many years. I do feel that the dimes are connected to our own guardian angel so remember this is a sign. Blessings, Flo

By Florance Saul
May 5, 2018