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Feng Shui House And HillS

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In the bible mountains and high hills are symbolic of a higher state of mind.

Additionally, hills are associated with temples in the bible and sacred. On a more negative note, a mountain is described as something that holds us up, a journey and a long way off. I am considering buying a home on the incline of a hill and decided to do a bit of research into what this means from a spiritual perspective. I felt when I was in the house very spiritually and drawn to the land. But my question that I will answer here: is it good or bad Feng Shui for a house to be on a hill?

A house situated on a hill can produce positive energy if the hill is a gentle slope and is located behind the house. This type of land on a hill is what is known as sacred such as Stonehenge. If we turn to the biblical meaning of living on a hill then hills act as temples. If you have a home and you are considering the Feng Shui then read on! I have spent hours reading all the information in my books about hills in order to understand the meaning of living on a hill, and, if one has a home on an incline how a more positive vibe can be created. The first thing that struck me was that it is important to make sure there is ample trees on the slope and the land formation is not totally flat. This is important, I also read that a lamp post in the front garden provides protection.

A fence or hedge will slow the movement and give the energy a chance to circulate through the house. If the house is somewhere on the slope, energy can rush down, through and away. Fortunately, there is some remedies for all the problems that you may encounter living on a hill. You can change the path to a curve for example and remove any sharp angles before the front door. A bunch of trees can be planted instead of just one tree. Also a pa-kua mirror can be hung to create and detach the negative energy.

If you have a home and want to learn more about Feng Shui or are looking to buy a home, then consider the neighborhood. A run down or poor area can create chi which will create a lack of prosperity. It is important to choose your location wisely. The solution to living in a difficult area are mirrors. They are an excellent addition to your home and can create Chi and bring in light. Mirrors can be used to repeal external negative energy. It can be placed above the door to deflect traffic. Wildlife can create a positive chi.

Feng Shui House On Top Of A Hill

We all assume being on top of a hill is a positive experience from a spiritual perspective. This is not always the case. Being right on the top of the hill is not positive Feng Shui. It indicates that your house will be full of energy and there is nothing to slow it down.

Feng Shui House Midlevel Of The Hill

This is really the best position of a house, especially if the hill is covered in woodland. It promotes success and wealth. This is a great location for a business. Mid-way up the hill has advantages such as the flowing positive energy and prosperity.

Feng Shui Hill In Front Of House

A hill in front of the house is interesting. It means that the energy is coming down and needs to be slowed down or deflect chi.

Feng Shui Hill Behind House

If the hill or mountain is behind the house then the Chi energy will pour down the hill and pass across the house. That is why it is good (as I have already said) to plant trees in the garden. The trees will trap and catch the positive energy. In the house, I am considering buying it backs onto a wood. This will trap all energy so its not rolling away quickly. This is the ideal situation. A fence or shrubs up-slope from the house will slow the onward rush of energy. Using the same treatment on the down-slope will help prevent all the energy from rushing away before it has time to work its way through the house.

If the house has a road on the slope it is equally important to plant trees for protection to stop the fast-moving energy. The elevation is important to consider and the home should be south facing if you can as this is the ideal position. If the garden is facing the hill then this is positive as you can plant shrubbery and trees to ensure that the energy flows at a slower rater in your home. Pine trees attract wealth and prosperity so you might want to plant one of these in the back corners of your garden.

Feng Shui House Before Street Level

It is not good feng shui if the house is below the street level, it means that those living in the house will feel trapped and unsettled. The solution here is to make sure there is good plants at the front door.

Feng Shui house at bottom of the hill

The bottom of the hill position of a house is very interesting spiritually. This is where all the rapid energy is collected. If you think about years ago in ancient times, people did not build houses at the bottom of the hill as they could not see the enemy. Castles and houses were built mid-way or at the top of the hill. Simply for protection. The solution is to plant pine or yew which impart positive Feng Shui. Pine, willow, and cypress are all signs of longevity. The balance of both yin and yang can be easily created if you landscape the front and back garden. Also, your address should be clear and hold large numbers and letters. A home at the bottom of a hill will benefit from chi in order to deflect the energy.

Feng Shui Front Door On A Hill

Ideally, the front door should not face the hill. I would consider putting the front door to the side of the house as your main entrance. In the opposite situation, where a house is located at the top of a steep hill and the front door faces the incline energy and prosperity symbolically rolls away. I would consider putting a fence outside the front door. Remember as well the front door should open in rather than out and this encourages Ch’i from coming into the home.

It is also seen to be better for the front door to open on flat land if possible as a hill directly by the front door indicates problems, delays and negative energy. The front garden needs to be free of weeds and dead leaves. This will encourage lost opportunities in life and discourage the ch’i energy. If there are steps that lead up to your home then this is super good Feng Shui. It means that you will feel safer in the house and things will be more positive. The entrance of the property should be inviting and positive. The front door color is also of importance. Red is an auspicious color and great for Feng Shui.

Feng Shui And Fences

You may find it advantages to create a fence to trap in the energy. A picket fence or iron fence should not project spikes of energy that disturb the balance.

Feng Shui Driveway

The driveway should not be on an incline and go down from the house as luck will slip away. It’s better to have a smaller slop.


Overall, the hill in Feng Shui is positive. Ch’i energy comes from the hill into the home and the task is to ensure there is enough elements to slow down the energy. The best most favorable placement for a dwelling is a southern orientation. The house should "not be right on top of a hill" as it can attract too much energy and winds. Also, it is not favorable to be at the bottom of the hill where the energy gathers and is stale. The ideal place would be mid-way on a hill. The land should not be too steep as the energy will be difficult to flow. The house should not face the hill or be below a road, to combat this trees should be planted.

By Flo Saul
Jan 20, 2020