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Dreams of George Maurier

Dreams of George Maurier

Dream Accounts: George Louis Palmella Busson du Maurier. George Louis Palmella Busson du Maurier (6 March 1834 – 8 October 1896) was a French born author. He recalls a dream that he had detailed as follows: Sometimes I walked with her, hand in hand – I being quite a small child – and together we fed innumerable pigeons who lived in a tower by a winding stream that ended in a water-mill. It was too lovely and I would wake.

Sometimes we went into a dark place, where there was a fiery furnace with many holes, and many people working and moving about – among them a man with white hair and a young face, like the lady, and beautiful red heels to his shoes. And under his guidance, I would contrive to make in the furnace a charming little-cocked hat of coloured glass – a treasure!

And the sheet job thereof would wake me. Sometimes the white-haired lady and I would sit together at a square bix from which she made lovely music, and she would sing my favourite song – a song that I adored. But I always woke before this song came to an end, on account of the too insupportably intense bliss I felt on hearing it, and all I could remember when awake were the words “triste – comment – sale.” The air, which I knew so well in my dream, I could not recall.

It seemed as though some innermost core of my being, some childish holy of holies, secreted a source of supersubtle reminiscence, which, under some stimulus that now and again became active during sleep, exhaled itself in this singular dream – shadowy and slight, but invariably accompanies by a sense of felicity so measureless and so penetrating that I would always wake in a mystic flutter of ecstasy, the bare remembrance of which was enough to bless and make happy many a succeeding hour.

So what does this dream mean?

This dream is clearly about childhood. This dream is interesting as it encompasses many different elemental elements. I enjoyed reading CG Jung’s dream and this is my interpretation. When reading through this overview I was quite surprised at the ecstasy he showed at the end. More importantly I am convinced that this dream is connected to spirituality.

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