Dreams and Interpretation


Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

This dream dictionary on this website will provide a path into your unconscious mind – every dream we have has a meaning and this website will enable you to understand what that means to your life, to help serve you with inner knowledge so that you can make better decisions in life.

As a spiritual believer I feel that during our dreams we experience paths of other worlds within the dark night hours.I truly believe that dreams are specifically connecting our soul in the spiritual world – a unique, wonderful and enchanted world were we have the magic to better understand ourselves and our lives better, in addition I also feel that to some degree our dreams are connected to Chaos Magic – as I think our dreams are normally based around chaotic events – as nothing is set in stone! In that anything can happen, anytime, anywhere and anyhow! Using your dreams to better understand yourself and your life is the first step on the road to self discovery.

Types of dreams

I would first like to address this through understanding our dreams better which then brings us onto the different types of dreams we experience and their meanings in connection with the everyday world – this is the area I am going to cover first. It would be appropriate to say that media has an impact upon our dreams. This is if you have watched a film, read the paper or alternatively consumed some type of media that will affect your subconscious mind in some way.

The other strange pattern of dreams that I have experienced is actually feeling like the dreams themselves are reality. In this website we will explore dreams and your meanings. I have an area for you to post up your dreams and allow me to answer your questions. Our dreams are a summation of what we experience in daily life and the potential of what we could become in our lives, it would be true to say that we rarely remember our dreams and are often couched in such symbols and we just dismiss what we have learnt during the night and see them as fantasies. Our emotions are sometimes compressed into the hours of sleep, which in turn produces a feeling of going to a strange land, rather much like a super computer of our brains.

Thoughts on Dreams

Dreams in my mind are a key that we must use to unlock how we are feeling in this world and they normally provide clarity as to why we act in certain ways and choose to approach challenges in life in certain ways. Personally, I have experienced a number of dreams in my life that have actually come true, which was an extremely scary experience. Dreaming is something that we do every single night. Although we don’t always notice our dreams or recall our dreams in the morning. In this dictionary I hope to enable you to unlock your future dreams so that you can better improve your life. I think it is important for me to detail why dreams happen to be important to me, this is mainly because that during my childhood I experienced a number of dreams which actually became real life events. I guess we could also ask the question of whether this dream means anything to us, and why we should dream such events of the future.

My first dream - Aunty Flo

The very first recollection of this experience was when I was around ten years old. I had a vivid dream of a house. I recall seeing the outside, which was a back yard with concrete, a living room with a fire place that had a brick surround and the property was three floors. About a year later I found myself walking around the house that I dreamed of two years previously. Some might say that this is a sense of de ja vu, of knowing the future. I honestly believe that through dreams our spirits can connect to us in order to provide us with essential nuggets of advice. So this then makes us move onto the next question of whether we feel our dreams are actually worth anything to us going forward and how we should use them?

By Florance Saul
Mar 10, 2013