Dream Meanings

Dream meanings

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Here I am going to list some wierd dreams.

These strange dreams can appear a bit wierd and be connected to your unconscious mind – every dream we have has a meaning and this website will help you understand what that means to your life, to help serve you with inner knowledge so that you can make better decisions in life.

As a spiritual believer, I feel that during our weird dreams we experience paths of other worlds within the dark night hours. We have a massive dream dictionary containing over 5,000 meanings. Here, we have just a few key dream meanings. The reason that these have been specifically picked from the dictionary is that they hold greater significance in the dream state, specifically focused on the spirit and improving one's ability to understand the dream. I do however urge you to try to read a more in depth meaning of these dreams by visiting our dream dictionary from the homepage.

I am going to briefly talk about how dream meanings are in fact superstitions. Superstitions are generally areas that fall into dream meanings. Dream superstitions have been around since the stone age. Here are some specific meanings of important dreams.

Fire Dream Meanings

To dream of a fire or fires is often a big event which is related to an important event in your life. If we review the dream in detail this is normally connected to a spiritual event in your life and how this is focused upon your reactions, this dream generally warns us of that we need to be aware of a problem in the future. Quite simply, this dream also indicates that you have been feeling too close to a bad situation. The dream’s signification to a new birth or regeneration in life. This dream means that things are going to be clear so that this will enable you to effect on what's important. In a negative aspect, they stream is just that you may feel some anger and resentment towards others.

Another interpretation of the stream is passion and how this can build up inside. If you dream of being a good yourself than this dream indicates that you are going to have to expression of the station in a work situation in a diplomatic matter. If you dream of five prices or fire brigade then you are like me to need to consult somebody close to you in order to obtain your passion for project.

These passions have become obsessive and this is important that you can control the tempo and temperament in the future. If you notice a fireplace in your dream in this indicates content domestic bliss if via is out of control or is he in any way dangerous or uncontrollable than this indicates that you are going to encounter and a controllable and potentially destructive person in the near future. If you see a diamond in your dream this sense that you're going to have control of explosives and passionate feelings and emotions of others.

Fireworks Dream Meanings

Fireworks often associated with justification and this indicates that you're going to be celebrating and good fortune. If you see the explosions in the sky and the impressive display this indicates that your achievements are going to be spectacular. On another note they stream could also mean that you may be celebrating the success of others follow the news hour.

Flag Dream Meaning

Not generally represent your beliefs and principles that you hold for your own country. Dreaming of any type of flag is a sign that you need to effect on what is important to you in order to keep your morals and tax. Smell of urine: If you smell urine in your dream then this is related to annoyance and depression that needs to stop this is a simple dream interpretation in that you need to move away from people who cross you any negativity or ill feeling before they can you any further

Swimming Pool Dream Meaning

This dream is often related to our individual feelings with others. If you dream of swimming in a simple then you are likely to have some fortunate meetings in the future.

Stairs Dream Meaning

To see a set of stairs often associated with the ambition of life and your true destiny in this path. If you are a part of the process and you look up and they stream indicates that you have some high aspirations which are difficult to meet. You must make sure that you are not removed from reality and you keep in your conscious mind if success comes your way. They stream or so indicates that sometimes dreams can come true if you try hard enough. If the stats are strange or related in any way they stream indicates that you are going to encounter so emotional coldness or extreme emotions from somebody close to you.

Money Dream Meaning

To dream of foreign currency indicates that you are going to realize that you're all supplier is closer than you think it is. If you actually see a foreigner and the money in your dream in this indicates that you're going to encounter friendly people in the future. If the money in your dream is not of a foreign origin than they stream indicates that you would be why is to try to negotiate with your creditors as hardship may be for cost in the future.

Financial difficulties often relate to dreams of money. Therefore, if you are having difficulty in the waking life is ultimate speed to your dreaming state. If you win money from gambling or experience some type of them this indicates that personal relationships are strong at this time. It may be beneficial for you to realize that other people may not have the material files that you do. Be grateful for what you've caught balls to what you won't.

Cottage Dream Meaning

A cottage in your dream indicates that he will guide to have to find some time to sort out your personal problems. If the cottage was governor or there was nobody living in it than this indicates that somebody in your life is going to fit you in the future.

Colours Dream Meaning

This is a positive human which indicates security and success. If you dream off bright colors then this signifies that things are going to be successful. If you dream of the code of old blue indicates that calming times are in the future. Black is generally an unfavorable color unless it is featured in a funeral situation. If you dream of prowling the syndicate is justice at all alternatively look in punishing offenders. To dream of bright red is an indication that passions are high at the moment in the situation connected to your live over the. Green generally indicates that you're going to encounter some good news around traveling, perhaps you have completed the trip for some time and that you suddenly find the money to make the trip turned into reality.

Gray generally indicates it. Off and. Not until purple indicate minor disappointment. Orange indicates that change is on the horizon. Pink often indicates fantastic success. To see the color light blue shows, happiness is coming your way. White indicates the price of success in the near future. Any type of dreams involving people off another color in your own all extremely look a positive by humans in business. If the people with some soft picture shade such as violent this dream has a significant connection between the specific color.

Eggs Dream Meaning

To dream on is a positive omen and that this tune you want them to find contentment in the near future. If you are cooking egg's shares that could handle under Clinton's out in your future. If you found eggs in your dream than this indicates that your guide to how an imperfect date in the near future. If the ex-unpleasant in any way is a warning that you need to honestly and. If you dream involved needs to ask then anyone I encountered some information in the near future.

Ex-boyfriend Dream Meaning

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend for costs no goal achievement in your new life. This could also serve as a warning that you need to take can be you're not cheated upon by another. It is important to recognize your feelings within the dream if you were being contented with ex-boyfriend than the thickness of an idea but focused on successful undertakings. If however, you dream was disturbing in any way they suggest to you wasting your energy for anything in the cost and that is a time that you reassess your ambition and consider a possible change of direction in a work situation.

Fire Escape Dream Meaning

To dream of being home or using the fire escape indicates that the financial to his home arise. It is important for you to recognize these before they get out of control. Fire engine any type of fire became an immense with the new dream shows that you were lucky to have money in the especially if you sold the foreigner engine transmitting in the city. If you saw the fire engine returning from the fire your line the to be disappointed with a salary rise or pocket money in the near future.

If you are traveling in the fire engine a new dream you'll learn protective craving indication they had no horse that somebody in the future.

Opium: If you dream of any type of it take to free' general boarding against bad habits you have taken on.

By Florance Saul
Mar 10, 2013