The Dorje

The dorje meaning

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In India and Tibet the Dorje, or Thunderbolt of Jupiter, is a favourite and greatly valued Talisman.

The Dorje is widely used as a talisman. This is a symbol that is suppose to protect against demons. The talisman also brings a good harvest and was worn to influence the weather. The Dorje was rather famous in India and also Thibet as this talisman was used also to protect against the evil eye.

The Dorie being a potential hindrance to stop anything negative to effect the life of the wearer. It is worn to protect against magic, all spiritual evils, and to bring abundance, fruitfulness and riches. The Dorje is shaped much like a dumb-bell with pointed ends, and is the symbol of power and indestructibility. It is supposed to overcome the Buddhist gods Ahi and Vrittra, the serpents, which the Buddhists believe swallow up the waters and cause drought, starvation and death; compelling the serpents to disgorge the waters, and to pour down the fertilizing showers.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012