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The symbolism of a door is probably pretty self-evident.

We see an open door as indicative of invitation, welcome and a potential for exploration and discovery. A closed door on the other hand might symbolize denial, rejection, isolation, exclusion or confinement; although a closed door can also symbolize privacy and protection. A door may represent a crossing or threshold. It is a symbolic place of transition and passage a means of entering a new phase of life.

Like any portal a door symbolizes hope and opportunity – the abandonment of the old (negative) and embracing of the new (positive). William Blake once said that, “if the door of perception were cleansed then it will look just infinite as it is to man.” All of us are normally drawn to doors and door images as well. The door may have the meaning of various things. There are two conflicting meanings of a door as it means both entrance and exit.

A door can normally be representative of new challenges and even opportunities it may at times mean an escape. It may as well be representative of some closing on the past, or even a passage that will get one in a new future. There are other instances that the door is representative of going in and then having a scope beyond the ordinary so as to find whatever is essential.

The going in is a thing that one can strive for or even towards, it may be representative of realization of the truth, and thus according to many of the spiritual texts will never get lost. You will get the door open and that is representative of the problem.

The door has various but interrelated superstitions attached to it. In The Book of Symbols, the door is said to be a place of transition. As with the Ancient Egyptians, the doorways to their tombs were built in order to allow for convenient passage of the soul of the deceased. And as with the former Roman cities, it was left to the deity Janus to offer protection for the residents of the city by keeping watch over all the doors that were used to get in and out of the city.

A door has a major purpose in the ordinary life which is offering adequate protection for whatever is inside the house. Among Christians, it is a common practice to hang crosses on the doorway and this is meant to keep off the evil spirits that may be seeking to enter the house.

Among some traditions that are carried out in the East, it is said that if you keep a statue of Buddha in your house to face the door and people see it whenever they come into your house, it is a good omen. The door has various symbolism and these include hope, opening, and opportunity, passing from a stage to the other, entering a new life, getting initiated, offering a sheltering aspect of Mary the mother of Jesus, among many others. The door is considered both an aspect of liberation and opportunity.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012