Crystal Children

Crystal Children

Crystal Children Traits And Test

Is your child psychic? Do you have a special crystal girl or boy? Are you wondering if your child falls under the Crystal label? In this article, I am going to give you an overview of everything you need to know about a crystal child.

When I was carrying Sammy, my daughter, I received many messages from her spirit. I was also able to talk to her soul. My daughter first showed signs of being a crystal child aged two - and told me she could see red orbs above her bed at night. This freaked me out at first, but then I remembered that I had this kind of things happened.

Then came the dreams, mainly dreams of future predictions. I knew exactly what she was going through because it also happened to me!

The temperament of my daughter was smooth and focused – a typical crystal child. I am a medium clairvoyant I wanted to understand how being a crystal child means and how you can identify if you have a child with this unique quality.

What is a crystal child?

I have touched on this slightly but now I am going to dive into more detail. A Crystal child is a name given to children who show psychic qualities in life. Crystal as a material is special, valuable and provides spiritual energy. Crystal children are considered to be sent from angels above. You will probably notice the child will naturally act quite advanced for their age. They show signs of contentment, delight and above all, they are very forgiving.

A crystal child is normally under the age of seven, after seven years old and through to the age of 25, they are known as the Indigo children. Indigo children share similar characteristics of the crystal child, I really need a separate article about indigo children as it is quite in depth. I will be speaking about how you can tell a bit later. Many readers have contacted me to ask how they can tell if their son or daughter is a crystal child. The first question I am going to ask is are they sensitive and show psychic signs? My daughter was born to a c-section in November 2010, she loves being creative, and likes to spend time alone drawing and creating her own games. She loves to dance to music but does not like loud noises and avoids the school disco!

My crystal child has allergies to dust, horse hair, dogs and cats. Her eyes are normally deep blue but in light can change to light green. She is super clever but does not like the conventional school day. I do send her to school but she does not fit with the schedule and is what I call a free spirit.

Sammy has always struggled to sleep, when she was a baby she was up every 3 hours or so, as she got older (over the age of 6) the sleep patterns got a bit better. Sammy does not enjoy reading and writing that much and is much more comfortable with maths. She is quite bold in her approach to life. I hope with this overview you can gain some understanding of crystal children.

‘Crystal children’ as a term started to become popular as a term in early 2000. I must say I am not one for giving children a certain label, a child needs to be individual. However, I liked the idea of believing that my child was special. Every child is special. And I discovered that there are not only crystal children out there but also what is known as indigo, rainbow and star children.

Since I’ve started writing about physic energy, divination and researched physic topics, I’ve come to the conclusion that children can be so much more than just an indigo or crystal child. There is also a star and rainbow child. However, let’s discuss crystal children first, in fact, I am going to have to put this in a series. When my spiritual medium teacher told me of the characteristics to look out for, I instantly knew it applied to my Sammy - and wanted to find out more.

Who are the Crystal children?

According to my research, Crystal children represent those children born between 1980 and 2010. However, some are still being born today. In my personal opinion, it is not really that important when the child is born.

All Crystal children appear to share psychological and physical traits. For example, luminous large eyes. When a Crystal child looks at you, you feel like they can actually see through you. It is weird and magical at the same time. My child’s eyes aren’t always the same color. Sometimes they appear green with a stain of indigo, while other times they’re brown.

Most people refer to Crystal children as ‘old souls’. And they really seem like they’ve been on this planet before and experienced many situations. They’re also associated with great wisdom and knowledge, pure spirit and nature. I do feel they have a special connection with nature and earth. In spiritual terms, they are considered as healers and huggers. Also, they have the power to reveal their feelings, secrets and real personality through energy. They turn out to be facilitators and teachers.

A Crystal child can teach you patience, gentleness, tolerance, compassion, sensitivity, and honesty. Also, they’re very emotional and often mistaken for Indigo children. They’re very sensitive too. Crystal children love silence and avoid noise, crowds and social interaction. Not that they’re not friendly or don’t want to hang out, but find inspiration in loneliness. It is not that hard to understand considering the fact that most geniuses were lone wolves, such as Nikola Tesla, for example. Also, they’re one of the most positive people on earth.

Traits Of Crystal Children

Adults who value conformity and rules often do not get the crystal child and they can often be labeled as having a disorder such as (ADHD) In fact, my daughter went through many tests as she did not conform in school with progressing in certain subjects (reading and writing) and they were trying to find out why.

She has the most beautiful sensitivity and is even-tempered. The Crystal child was born out of the third eye aura chakra. This is the area that is connected to our own psychic visions, energy and beliefs. Crystal children often have “crystal” type auras. They hold magnetic personalities and are highly sensitive.

In case you’re doubting if your child is a crystal child, these are the main characteristics of Crystal children. And if you notice that your child fits their description, congratulations! It means that you’ve given birth to a kid who’s got the potential to change the world.

  • May have a pretend friend.
  • It is common for crystal child to speak really quickly – age 2 or 3
  • A crystal child will see orbs or just “know” when things will happen
  • They turn into Indigo adults
  • Very emotional and touchy-feely
  • They make decisions based on their emotions and intuition
  • Once you become their friend, they will never let you go
  • Prone to allergies and sensitivities

Enjoy being alone, however, they never feel lonely

  • Most of them have an artistic soul and a vivid imagination
  • They avoid crowded places and cannot stand the noise
  • They make excellent mediators and counselors
  • Crystals connect with vulnerable children, younger children, and animals
  • A Crystal child puts comfort before fashion and appearance
  • They feel connected to water and other elements of nature
  • A Crystal child often transitions into bi or gay
  • Self-conscious, woke and calm
  • You cannot stay annoyed at a Crystal child for too long
  • They may be considered having ADHD or another type of disorder such as dyspraxia
  • They enjoy long walks in the country and visiting calm places
  • They enjoy spending time in small groups
  • Generally, they do not like large school classes and do not like to conform to rules
  • They are what I call a “free spirit.”

I am going to quickly mention this right now. You may get confused between the Crystal and Indigo child. I am going to quickly give you an overview of the difference. The term “indigo child” became popular about 10 years ago. I have friends who believe that their children have indigo traits. There were also born within the date parameters of a destined indigo child (Between May and July). Here are the main signs of an indigo child:

  • Normally born between May and July – or on a month that has 31 days.
  • It is hard to identify, quality and also understand what characteristics make up a crystal child. Here is a test to see if your child has these qualities:
  • They act with the intention that they “desire” something.
  • They have a sense of deserving in life.
  • They have problems with control and authority for no reason
  • The are a natural leader
  • They are inpatient

A few of you have contacted me to ask how you can best parent a crystal child. I am going to try to answer this. Being a mother or father to a crystal child can be quite challenging as it takes time to understand them. There is a specific awakening in life that might happen with a crystal child.

When I was a little girl I have a pretend friend called Mike. I can remember when my mother first noticed me “talking to myself” and she thought it was totally creepy. As time went on the kind of accepted Mike was part of the family, this helped me. The strange thing was though, I can still today remember seeing “Mike” I do feel he was a spirit, not an imaginary friend. Imaginary friends have often been a worry for parents. But that imaginary friend could also be a sign that you have a crystal child. As a parent, you should try to encourage this creatively as it may help develop psychic skills.

As I said in my opening paragraph, I suspect that my daughter falls under a Crystal child. However, I’m also aware that every mother wants their child to be someone important and change the world.

And to every mother, her child is special, more so than any other children. Still, if you feel that your child is a Crystal child too, and ticks my boxes above - remember that you should consider yourself lucky. When they go off in their own world and want to alone remember that your child isn’t anti-social. They are just special.

And they will turn into a determined, strong, honest, motivated and helpful human being if you help them embrace who they really are and support their every life decision. My advice is that you have a special gift in your life. Love your Crystal child. I hope you enjoyed my article. Blessings, Flo

By Florance Saul
Apr 14, 2019