Conch Shell

Conch shell

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Conch shells horns were considered horns by some - they used to be used to blow at three times of the day: morning, midday and in the evening. In India and Tibet, and other countries where Buddhism is practiced, the Conch Shell is prized as a charm for magic, it is focused on oratory, learning, protection, good fortune, and riches.

As Conch Shells were used as the current coin among all the primitive peoples of the East, no doubt this has suggested their use as charms for bringing wealth. The Conch Shell is also one of the eight emblems of Buddha, all of which are used as talismans.

They consist of the Wheel of the Law, Conch Shell, Lucky Diagram, Golden fish, Umbrella, Vase, Lotus, and the Trumpet of Victory. A conch shell has always been considered bad luck if found in one's house. Many people kept this shell outside their house in order to keep the sea outside. On the other hand, this shell ensembles courage and good luck to smile upon those that own it. Superstition around the shell goes back many years. If we look back to English superstitions the conch sell was hung from the horse's noses as they were kept in the stables.

What is the Queen Conch Shell?

In Haiti the Queen Conch shell is a super massive beautiful adult conch shell of the queen conch. It is also known as “pink conch” and in France is known as “le strobe.” The Queen Conch is normally uncovered in warm shallow waters, cost meadows, sand flats and coast meadows. They are known as herbivores and eat alge. The Queen Conch is bigger than a “normal” conch. And, this shell is used as wind instruments by blowing inside as a horn or trumpet. Haitians believe the Queen conch shell represents the following: freedom, strength, and being free from slaves! The Queen Conch is normally uncovered in the Atlantic and they are normally heated by octopuses, crabs and lobsters.

Conch Shell Horns - How they are used?

This was to protect the horses from evil. If we look at the French superstition of this shell, in Lower Brittany there is a story about huge ships that contained huge giant humans on board. Orders on the ship would be communicated by huge conch-shells as the noise would bounce back and be heard for miles. The conch-shell if pink is a lucky omen. Let’s now look more into this shell. The conch shell was first found 3,000 years ago and there is deep evidence that the shells during this time were soft in texture. The shells were often used for cooking or pendants.

These shells are found normally found in the Caribbean water in shallow waters under coral reefs. The queen conch feed on algae and seagrass.

Most people hunt for these shells during the night as the creatures within come to feed. In the day the shells go deep into the ground. Within the shell is conch meat which is a great protein and an aphrodisiac. The most popular dish out of the meat found in this shell is a chowder or salad. Sadly the Conch is now endangered because people hunted the shell to sell to others.

Going back to tradition, the conch sell historically was mentioned in a book known as “the kingdom of this world” it was used alert the Haitian villagers that slaves need to come together to fight. A horn was normally made out of the shell by removing the top. Thus, people would speak into the shell and it would be a powerful microphone. In Florida, this shell has become endangered. The reason being is that they are harvest too much. Many steps have been taken to ensure that the conch shell survives.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012