Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs

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There are many reports from psychics that they hear faint music in their ears - as we are covering Christmas songs, many psychics have reported Christmas songs playing (in their mind) but no-one else can hear them. This are normally carols or hymns. Having been contacted thousands of times through the website about this phenonoman the most popular Christmas songs that are communicated at Christmas time - through spirit are as follows:

  • Hark the herald angels sing.
  • The first noel.
  • Amazing grace.
  • Mary’s Boy Child
  • Joy to the world.
  • Happy xmas the War is Over.

People contacted me over the following Christmas songs:

There are experiences from a psychic perspective that people have contacted me over:

  • Hearing loud or soft Christmas songs in your ear - but no-one else can hear them!
  • Thinking of a song then moment’s later hear it on the TV or radio.
  • Faint Christmas carols / choir playing in your ears.
  • You dream of a Christmas song playing.

This is known as Clairaudience.

In spirit world, they are also experiencing Christmas holidays so it figures - songs are being played in that vibration / plane. Thus, the sounds you hear in your dream or hear in your mind do exist! It is that you are moving to another plane because you are spiritual awake. Clairaudience from a definition means that you are hearing christmas music from inside the mind, or hear sounds through telepathy. To experience any of the above experiences means there is a possibility that you are clairaudient and have the ability to receive information from another vibration, another plane.

The mind is an amazing tool and we do not know much about how it works. I (Florence) often hear names or have conversations with people when they are not there, I know it is real because of the information that they are communicating is real and comes true. Hearing Christmas songs from spirit means that you are just switching vibration levels to the next one. Some would say maybe it is mental illness but rather than brand someone a “schizophrenic” there is a recognised medical explanation. This is known as “musical ear syndrome”. Much of the discovery is unexplained, but the medical conclusion is that it is associated with hearing loss. The strange thing is that most people who hear music do not report that hearing loss has occurred! Strangely, most people can hear the same music. There has been reports that this music comes from the “Akashic records” and that is why so many people hear the same music!

If you have heard music playing in your mind - but no-one else can hear it then please contact us and detail what song you can hear and what date and where you live. It will be great to collate this information to start to build a pattern of what people can hear so we can find some similarities. Common songs reported are Christmas carols and supplementary audio. Is this because you are connecting with vibrations on another plane or dimension? Also, this type of musical ear is often heard by people who are actually musicians and reports have been that the same piece of music have been played, namely Orchestra and choir. Another interesting song that is reported as being played is “Amazing grace” over and over again in people’s minds. Why? We will cover this later on.

Hearing Christmas songs when they are not being played happens to many people. There has been many weird Christmas songs written over the years. Every December there is an influx of chart topping songs that are potential number ones. Some songs are played to billions of people in December, what made these songs so successful? Is there a spiritual connection with these songs - is there something in the tunes that magnify or make people play them over and over again?

Firstly, let’s briefly look at the songs. The biggest song ever was Mary’s Boy Child that was written by Boney M in the 1970’s. This song has a number of musical queues to make the experience feel enlightening and happy. Following this, the Rivers of Babylon and the famous song, Brown Girl in the ring. Both these songs are major hits because of the mere exposure effect, hearing something over and over means we want to hear it more. The patterns of these songs are interesting - both have a pattern. We seek patterns and all these songs have one. The song that is played the most at Christmas Karaoke is Slade’s number one in 1980’s, again, this is exposure effect.

The tunes have a happy holiday feel which magnify the festive season, it will be no surprise that these songs will continue to be popular at Christmas time for many years to come. One interesting fact about the Slade’s Merry Christmas song and the exposure effect - is that 42% of people across the world will hear this song during December. That is an exception amount of people - almost 3 billion! The other most popular song of all time is Happy Xmas the war is over by John Lennon.Going back to the psychic aspect of Christmas songs, Beethoven was recorded saying that he heard music in his head and is a great example of clairaudience. He heard music before composing his songs.

The spirit guides are letting you know that they are near or with you, love you and protect you in life. To hear music that you don’t recall or know about means that you are being given a gift of the universe. Perhaps that is a song that needs to be communicated with others. Sometimes along with music voices can be heard, quite naturally talking. This is known as messages from audio vibration. During the Christmas time of year, communicating with those that have moved across to the next plane is common. This is sometimes accompanied with strong smells of flowers, Let’s now look a bit deeper into a few popular songs, especially from a psychic meaning.

Hark the herald angels sing

There is an automatic connection to this song being a popular spiritual connection due to the angel reference within the song. This wonderful Christmas carol is often heard in clairaudience. Why? because of the reference to angels. This is a famous Christmas Carol written and created by Charles Wesley. He was the brother of John Wesley. In 1739 John Wesley set up the Methodist church. A reserved person he asked for a powerful song with a great verse and Charles came up with the song. Almost a hundred years on a man called Felix Mendelssohn composed the song that we now hear, with the tune and the lyrics taken from Wesley.

Happy Xmas the War is Over by John Lennon (1971)

The song “Xmas the war is over” is very spiritual in origin. John Lennon believed that we all from a spiritual perspective have the ability to change anything in life, and that war is a barrier to stop us from living in peace and to be happy. This concept was applied in the song. The meaning behind this song is that John Lennon, who was extremely spiritually aware wanted a harmonious world. The song itself is from a book he read called Mind Games by Robert Masters and Jean Houston which was published in 1972. The book has many insights into psychic exploration and includes summaries from LSD research that was carried out in the 1960’s. There is many exercises in this book to improve spiritual awareness and connect with outer space. The book mind games set about a series of exercises for small groups of people designed to increase psychic awareness. There is four levels:

  • The psyche
  • The sensory.
  • The psychological
  • The Mythic
  • The Spiritual

The placed each game within in a mystery school to increase psychic ability. The main goal was to find creative solutions to problems. Now, as John Lennon was amazingly creative in writing songs, one would have to wonder if by following this pattern of studies helped him write the famous song “imagine” The mind games in the book helped people release all creative power. It was understood that after carrying out the games a person could rest an hour-long speech or go on a quest to travel the world. The training helped John Lennon’s imagination. He then began to work towards a higher spiritual purpose. Later on, John wrote a song entitled “mind games” about dreams and communal commitment.

Amazing Grace, John Newton (1779)

Although not necessarily a Christmas song (but sung in many churches) this is one that is extremely psychic in nature. Why is Amazing grace so popular? Because it is a message from the angels above! In term of clairaudience, Amazing Grace is a song that is often heard by those that are psychic. Why? Let’s look back briefly at the history. It was first published in 1779 by John Newton. Amazing grace was chanted by the congregation during that time. It was one of the most famous songs of all time.

It has much African spiritual connection, this is because John Newton was a slave. He was a sailor. The song is about passing on, a wonderful angelic song, it is thought that this song is sung by angels to communicate that an afterlife is a wonderful place - you are safe in their hands. The opening lyrics “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, was blind, but now I see” the premise is that the fact that one can now see the psychic gift of the afterlife. To conclude, hearing music that is not there, especially carol hymns or songs is something that is common in those that have psychic abilities. Be blessed.

By Florance Saul
Dec 16, 2016