Christmas Bell

Christmas Bell

Unlock the hidden secrets of Church Bells

Bells have been connected to Christmas for many centuries.

In Catholic churches on Christmas Day the church bells usually commence at dawn. This is to encourage the community to attend the local church service. The bells are often chimed to celebrate Christmas. In churches which have more than one bell size, it is normally the largest that is rung before midnight mass. Mass at midnight goes back to ancient times. The title of this page is spooky Christmas Bell Superstitions because there is something quite strange about bells.

Church bells protect against evil spirits. There is a popular saying: when Christ Jesus was born, Christians rang bells to warn the devil therefore, they are now they are set free as his savior came. If the church bells rang during bad weather at Christmas then there is a superstition that the weather will suddenly improve. In many parts of the world it is considered a bad omen of death if one hears two church bells ringing at the same time.

In ancient times - when Jesus was born, it is believed that there was a tradition whereby, if there was a birth or a marriage, bells were rung. Next Christmas holiday, make sure you listen to church bells either when singing a Christmas carol or when decorating your Christmas tree - and you will experience a sense of peace and tranquility within the house. During the classic of 1946, “It’s a wonderful Life,” bells are well documented. In this film a guardian angel appeared after the church bells rang on Christmas eve.

Why Church Bells ring at Christmas?

In ancient times, bells were rung to ward off evil spirits. Demons were also scared away by the sound of bells - this is what pagan folklore states. It is believed that, when Christ was born, bells were rung to scare away the evil spirits and demons alike and alert them that a savior was born. The bells at Christmas time are associated with happy times. During Christmas people are happy, so bells are rung in honor of the merry holidays.

Use of Bells on Christmas

It is believed that the Bishop of Nola, Bishop Paulinus started the tradition of ringing bells on Christmas day in 431 AD. Bells on Sunday are rung to remind Christians of the Lord’s commandments. The rhythm and pitch reviving the joy, sorrow, or warnings to encourage the community to rejoice.

It is through the bells create harmony in the community. The bells often act as a connection between heaven and earth. It represents suspension and communication between God and mankind. There is an ancient superstition, for which we are unsure of where this comes from whereby some believe that, when Christ was born, the ringing of church bells killed the devilChurch ceremonies embrace the tradition and use bells it to signify an important part of the service taking place, especially to those who are outside. Some churches have a four bell song for Christmas and a three bell song for Easter. This is why bells are highly regarded during Christmas celebrations.

Good Luck Symbols - Christmas Bells

The following Christmas bell superstitions are suppose to bring great luck to the household: Decorate a Christmas tree with paper in the shape of bells. Bake Christmas cookies in the shape of bells and eat on the 4th day of Christmas. In Sweden it is good luck to change the doorbell to sound like a Christmas bell

By Florance Saul
Jan 4, 2017