Ceromancy / Candle

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Ceromancy is basically divination using wax.

This can also be replaced using water or ink. People normally use this method of fortune telling to determine the past, present and future. It is thought that wax shapes appear as images as the candle burns. The practice itself its old in tradition. Not one icon holds this type of universal importance or spiritual practice - the candle! Throughout the Dark Ages, forerunners to the modern candle lights first made an appearance, as well as their use within religious events. Today the candle rituals have started to spread world-wide.

Seen lighting existence, inspiration and even of God, it is no wonder the ancient masters of magic had seen their possibility of using candles in their own individual traditions. Without doubt they observed the strange yet marvelous shapes created when the molten wax cooled, particularly when dropped into water. Thus the skill of ceremony came to exist; ancient fortune tellers would warm bowls of wax and pour or drip candlers into water to determine what shapes they made, they'd interpret the shapes pretty much literally, for example, a bird might signify an outing or some forthcoming news, a heart shape might imply the romance of some sort, and clouds could indicate troubles ahead.

If you are planning to create ceremonious, then you should approach work with candles with care. Try not to drop wax on your furniture and garments. One way would be to select a candle having a dark color (they are simpler to determine when within the water) along with a plain bowl full of water. Light the candle for an hour and watch the flame to see what shapes emerge. Then carefully take the candle holding upside down and let the wax drip in to the bowl. You never know what shapes and meanings you'll find?

How do you read the signs of ceromancy?

As we have already concluded ceromancy is understanding how the candle burns in order to understand the result of a question. The candle should be titled on a piece of paper then the wax is read. The wax symbols are the same as a tea leaf dictionary so make sure you check our my tea leaf dictionary. The letter As: Anchor in the candlewax: An anchor signifies that something in life is not what it seems, you are not progressing as you should. Arrow: The shape of an arrow indicates that you will hear something interesting about a relationship in the future! Ant: The shape of an ant in the wax indicates a time of hard work - but it will pay off in the end. Apple: An apple indicates that you will have a good sense of health.

The letter Bs: Book: protection will be yours in the future. Broom: happiness in lie. Bed: you will have a good time in the future. Bells: celebration time. Ballon: Something will pop in life. Bird: You are feeling trapped in life. Letter C: Circles: life will be good and happiness. Candle: Growth in the form of spiritual. Other letters: Smiling face: joy and great times ahead. Face in general: Difficult times are coming with someone, look at the expression of the face! Shoe: You need to move on in life and hope for a better tomorrow. Star: Your wish will be answered. Teardrop: you are likely to undertake a difficult time in the future. Letter X: You will have happiness in life.

By Florance Saul
Dec 15, 2012