California Earthquake Prediction

California Earthquake Prediction

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Many of you have contacted me about predicting the next earthquake in California.

My answer is that I feel it will be in or around the third quarter (September - December) of 2022. In all my predictions the number 22 is a significant number in regards to the big one.

Specifically, I believe the earthquake will happen during November 2022. My spirit guides have told me there is a significant shift in structures during this month and my dreams have been connected to the number 22 in regards to the next California earthquake. I have encountered around five repetitive dreams that an earthquake will occur with regard to the number 22. The coastline is also going to change around this time and the earthquake is likely to be around 8.7 magnitudes. California has long been a place where earthquakes happen. There has been a vast amount of predictions of when the earthquakes by psychics and the big one is likely to hit without warning. Scientists don’t know when the earthquake will hit or even how large it will be but it is likely to be around 8-9 magnitude.

Some of you have contacted me about dreaming of the California earthquake and others have experienced smaller earthquakes around the world - and wish to know if there is a spiritual meaning. It’s safe to assume that if you dream of an earthquake you will face difficulties in waking life but overcome everything. To witness an earthquake can be unpleasant, terrifying, and very uncomfortable. Also, the fear of this happening can be connected to

A building does not care that much if an earthquake is predicted, it will not stand the shaking no-matter how it is constructed. Science moves forward in life and I’m sure in the next few years we will encounter some predictions which will understandably generate some anxiety.

Making breathless statements about the future earthquake is some believe is left scientists but I have predicted many disasters such as the Chile dam in early 2019. Statistically speaking the ads of a damaging earthquake are normally rather high, while larger earthquakes release stress the triggering of the “potential” of an earthquake increases with its aftershock. Now, I have looked into scientifically predictions and a large earthquake may follow another big earthquake. In some regions of California earthquakes have become less likely since around 2009. There has been a reduction in induced earthquake human activities, such as: hydrocarbon fuel production or deep injection of waste waters.

There is no doubt much advice on how to prepare for an earthquake: Flashlights near the bed, emergency supply of water, strap a hot water heater, food in storage. Short-term earthquake prediction of the tracks in the California earths tectonic plates indicate that the movements are slowing down.

The so-called ring of fire includes those faults such as the San Andreas Fault in California and other zones in the pacific rim. Tidal forces could also influence the earthquake, but this can only lead us to believe that the big one is coming. Earthquakes may occur off the crust like popcorn or at a steady rate. Factually, the last big earthquake in California was over one hundred years ago in 1906. The earthquake was due to stress accumulation. Over the years scientists don’t know when the next earthquake is coming as there is no sequence of occurrence. This massive California earthquake has not occurred since 1906, but there have been a few occasions when instruments have revealed the next big one! Much of San Fransisco was actually damaged by fire rather than the earthquake itself in 1906. This was mainly due to the lack of response time by the emergency services.

The problem is that since 1906 the population has grown significantly. And, preparations have been created by the authorities - which has resulted in numerous drills during the last ten years. California response planning is likely to be tested over the next few years to 2025. On Friday November 2, 2018 four small quakes hit in succession in the San Andrews Fault.

California is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is a geological active region. In all the earthquakes in the world almost 90% occur in this area. Scientifically, the odds of the earthquake according to Mostafa Khoshmanesh from Arizona State University is 75% in the next thirty years.

As you already know, earthquakes happen all the time and we’re constantly reminded of this. If you live in a place such as the san andreas fault -where earthquakes occur, then it is perfectly normal to dream of the spiritual effect of an earthquake.

Native Gabrielino people have long told a story about earthquakes

Back in time, people around the world told different stories, legends, and myths about earthquakes. This is mainly due to not being able to discover why they occur, people had to invent their own reasons and explain it in their own way. Different cultures told different stories. I will share a few of those tales along with the one told by the Native Gabrielino people which are rather interesting.

Indian culture: In Indian culture, it was actually believed that 8 mighty elephants were holding the planet. And when one of them gets tired and moves, an earthquake occurs. This is the first story about the origins of the earthquake. The second one includes turtles, elephants, and snake hoods. People believed the planet is underpinned by 4 elephants standing on the back of turtles, while the turtles were standing on snake hoods. When some of these animals moved or turned, it caused an earthquake.

Chine, Mongolia: People actually believed that the planet Earth was standing on the back of a giant frog. And when the frog moved, it caused earthquakes. Crazy, right?

Peru: People in Peru believed that whenever their God visited the planet in order to count the people, his footsteps were the reason for earthquakes, while in Japan it was believed that a giant catfish that lived in the mud at the bottom of the earth was the reason for the earthquakes. However, as long as their god, Kashima kept a big magical rock over the animal, the planet was still. Kashima was the one protecting the people.

Gabrielino Indians: According to their tale, back in time, the Great Spirit created a nice land where turtles carried rivers and lakes on their backs. However, one day, the animals started arguing. Three of the turtles swam east while the other swam west. The planet cracked and they couldn't swim far due to their heavy baggage. So they decide to reconcile. However, each time they argued, the planet started to shake.

A Japanese story involves a catfish that lived in mud

I just mentioned this story told by Japanese people. It involves a catfish that lives in mud at the bottom of the earth. According to the legend, the catfish was guarded by Kashima, the Japanese god who kept a big stone over the catfish. However, every time he let the stone fall, the catfish also known as Namazu caused chaos and earthquakes.

If you wonder why Japanese people actually believed that a catfish was the reason for earthquakes, it’s believed that it’s because catfish might sense the minor tremors that occur before earthquakes. People observed this activity back in time and associated it with earthquakes. They believed that earthquakes are the result of a gigantic catfish.

What is the biblical meaning of an earthquake?

According to the Bible, seeing an earthquake symbolizes destruction, warning or an accident. Meaning, you’re being warned about a possible accident or destruction and you need to be careful whom you trust. There is also the biblical meaning that you have a Judah in your circle of friends.

Alternatively, your dream reflects your prayers. Unfortunately, they won’t be answered any time soon. However, you don’t have to wait on God to fix your problems. It’s time to figure out your own path and make the right thing. Listen to your heart and you will not face any difficulties. At least not something you cannot handle. You have God’s support.

Negatively, you’re probably doing something against the rules in the Bible and God sends a warning sign through your dreams. Earthquake stands for death, destruction, and pain. You’re causing someone pain and you don’t even know it or care about it. Or you want to destroy something pure in order to benefit from it. Think twice before you do something bad. It’s never too late to change your mind and do the right thing.

What does a dream of an earthquake mean?

In this next section, I am going to address those people who have written to me about dreaming of the California earthquake. I will firstly say that you shouldn't panic because it’s not likely to be a prediction. Your current state might reflect in your dream. For example, if you’re going through a divorce, or recently broke up with someone, or lost your job, ruined your career, or lost someone you loved forever, it might reflect in your dream as an earthquake.

In short, an earthquake leaves serious consequences and possible casualties. Meaning, it’s a disaster that no one wants to witness and be a part of just like divorce, breakup, losing a job or losing someone forever. However, to interpret your dream better, you have to remember as many details as you possibly can.

Stress: Earthquake dreams can occur if you’re under pressure or a lot of stress in your waking life too. How were you feeling during your dream state? If you were terrified, sad, or depressed, it’s possible that you feel the same way in your waking life too.

To dream of an earthquake means that you’re worried about life and the life and safety of the people you love. Also, the earthquake in your dream might portray a person that represents a threat to your stability and safety in real life. Don’t be surprised if you’re having a bad dream when feeling stressed, depressed or angry. It’s not a production but a natural reaction.

What does running away from an earthquake in a dream mean?

If you were running away from an earthquake in dreams means that you will experience something that will have a profound effect on you as a person. It’s possible that you are running away from responsibility in your waking life. Or you may be running away from something that you’ve caused and you don’t want to face the consequences for it. Either way, if you were feeling scared, trapped or endangered in your dream, it’s possible that you feel the same way in your waking life as well. Alternatively, your dream represents your emotional state. Perhaps you’re running away from feelings you don’t want to face.

What does it mean to feel the earthquake in your dream?

To see or feel an earthquake in a dream symbolizes the loss of stability or “shake-up”. Perhaps you’ve broken up with someone recently. Or you’re facing a divorce. Or you’ve lost your job. Either way, experiencing an earthquake in your dream state reflects the difficulties you’re currently facing in your waking life. If you felt the earthquake in the dream, it signifies your emotional state. You’re overwhelmed in waking life. Perhaps you are feeling insecure. Or you feel upset because something you’ve been building is falling apart. Alternatively, to feel the earthquake in a dream means that you’re having a hard time with someone. Or maybe you met someone special who sweeps you off your feet.

What does it mean to drive away from an earthquake?

Driving away from an earthquake in your dream reflects your desire to drive away from some problem or responsibility in your waking life. If you’re looking for a quick solution to some of your issues, it might be the reason for having this dream. Alternatively, you might feel trapped or lost in your current living place and you want to get away. Maybe it’s time for moving. Positively, the dream reflects your resourcefulness and readiness.

Is the dream a future prediction?

As I mentioned earlier, dreaming of an earthquake doesn’t predict a future event. You won’t experience an earthquake if you dream of one. However, you might be dreaming of an earthquake if you live in a place where it occurred before. You’re probably afraid it will happen again. Alternatively, to witness an earthquake in your dream symbolizes your own emotional state and reveals how you feel at the moment. Maybe you’re experiencing a hard period. Or you’re going through something that’s affecting you in a negative way.

What does it mean to see cracks on the ground?

To see large cracks on the ground spiritually foretells an upcoming challenge in waking life. Maybe you’ll put an end to a relationship. Or get a divorce, or quit your job and find a better one. Or you are about to experience an emotional breakdown and your dream is trying to warn you. If you’re experiencing difficulties at school, college, work or with a family member, it might also be the reason why you’re seeing cracks on the ground. The ground stands for stability, firmness, and fertility. And seeing cracks on the ground in signifies the loss of stability or losing something you thought you’d never lose. Positively, your dream signifies new opportunities and new beginnings.

What does it mean to die of an earthquake in your dream?

If you died of an earthquake in your dream, it’s possible that you will encounter an issue that will break you down but also bring a new opportunity for you. You know what people say. Every end is a new beginning. No matter how unpleasant the experience will be, you will learn something useful from it. Also, you’ll get a chance to start over. Losing doesn’t make you a loser. Giving up does. Alternatively, what you experience in the near future will take away everything you have at the moment to get everything you’ve ever wanted.

What does it mean to rescue someone from an earthquake?

If you rescued someone from an earthquake in your dream, it means that you’re worried about the safety of someone in your waking life. Alternatively, you fear that something may happen to someone you love and you won’t be able to do anything about it. However, it could also mean that you’re secretly wishing to be recognized as a big hero who helps.

Negatively, to rescue someone from an earthquake in a dream means that you’re putting your life at risk to protect someone else. You’re a kind and thoughtful person who would do anything to protect others. But, sometimes you can’t make a difference between the person who manipulates you and someone who cares about you and needs your help. Your dream is warning you.

What does it mean to watch an earthquake?

If you watched an earthquake, it means that you’re currently observing how something a problem or challenge in life. Perhaps it’s your current relationship, marriage, career or friendship. Your dream also foretells misfortune coming on your way. Alternatively, this omen symbolizes your emotional state. However, the spiritual meaning of an earthquake can also mean that you will need to focus on yourself to feel stronger than ever.

I do hope you enjoyed reading my predictions and mini dream review. If you have had a predication then please get in touch with me. Flo

By Florance Saul
Feb 2, 2019