Bread superstition

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

As the simplest of fares, bread is surprisingly complex in its symbolism.

From the poor man’s mainstay to the prisoner’s ration to the most frequently encountered food in religious rites and rituals. Bread is symbolic all over the world. Communion bread is taken as the body of Christ, “The Body of Life.” In Mexico Pan Del Muerto or bread of the dead, is made as an offering to the deceased. During Passover unleavened bread represents freedom and redemption of the Hebrews, by the hand of God. The “breaking of bread” commonly means a peaceful coming together.

There are various superstitions that relate to a piece of bread and some of them are highlighted next that you make a sign like a cross on a piece of bread prior to slicing it. On the other hand it is considered an omen if you ever turn the bread upside down when cutting a slice out of it. There are other beliefs that if one finds a hole in a piece of bread when cutting it, it’s a bad omen that is symbolic of a grave and thus means that a person will soon die. A piece of bread like this was not taken lightly, the individuals would take a lot of time discussing with an intention of finding out the person who was likely to pass on.

On the other hand, it is a bad omen to slice a piece of bread on either side at the same, this is believed to let the devil can fly out of the bread and occupy the room and this will bring bad luck to the house. It is also believed that the bread has to be marked by a cross, this is believed to prevent Satan form having a seat on the loaf, which could mean the loaf would be cursed and thus ruined for human consumption. When cutting the loaf, it is necessary that care is taken not tot cut the board that the loaf rests on, if this happens it could imply that death would occur. On the other hand, if one was to eat their last piece of bread this could mean that they have to kiss the cook or else bad luck will be haunting them and the entire household.

Bad luck is believed to haunt anyone who will be cutting any piece of bread that is only half cooked. For people who burn a piece of bread, then their sweetheart will be angry with them. You will get healed of various illnesses if you eat a piece of bread which has been cooked by a female whose married name is the same as her maiden name. If all the bread that has been cooked in the house is finished then the house will experience good luck on the day after. A baby will be free of disease if a piece of bread is put in their cradle. There is a superstition that whenever a piece of bread will be dropped, it will always land with the buttered side facing the floor. If you cut a piece of bread unevenly then this implies that you are a liar.

By Flo Saul
Oct 29, 2012