Biting Tongue Spiritual Meaning

tongue biting spiritual meaning

Biting Tongue Spiritual Meaning

I can’t wait to share with you the spiritual message of biting your tongue. Remember this. Your tongue holds great power. You communicate you eat and you survive in life. Your words have the power to build people up or tear them down. Biting your tongue is like a spiritual gateway and brings with it a powerful message.

Perhaps you are not sure why you have bitten your tongue in your sleep, and this is quite normal of course. The biting of the tongue could be a spiritual sign --- a breakthrough --- and this is a message from the universe. When we sleep we have no control over the tongue bite and hide and I can’t wait to share the spiritual meaning.

Why did you bite your tongue?

It is thought that biting the tongue is connected to why we control elements of our life. Maybe you need to say goodbye to areas that are not surviving us right now. There is no doubt that you agree with me, we all tend to be victims in life and the biting of the tongue is about being in that victim state.

What is the biblical meaning of biting your tongue?

It is clear from the Bible that the tongue should be used in a certain way. In James 3:1-5, we see that the tongue is a fire, an evil world, and a deadly poison. Deceitful, restless evil. God and others can be blessed or cursed with our tongues. As I have said before, people can be built up or torn down by our words. Our tongue therefore biblically holds much spiritual power.

Proverbs 18:21 teaches us that the tongue has the power to kill and to live. A person's life can be changed by the words we speak. As Jesus explains in Matthew 12:36-37, every word we speak will be judged on judgment day. Our idle words will be held accountable. The biting in your sleep could indicate that you need to be very careful about the words spoken.

According to Ephesians 4:29, we are to speak only what will build others up according to their needs, not unwholesome words. It is our duty to use our words to bless rather than a curse.

To please God, we must use our tongues for good. We should speak words that are edifying, helpful, and kind. Our words should not be used to tear others down. So in my conclusion of the biblical message of this dream our tongues need to be used to bless others and be careful about the words we speak.

Is the tongue bite in your sleep-induced due to medical reasons?

Let me now discuss the actual physical side of this, biting your tongue is normally in my opinion, about coordination, but obviously, this is not true for when we sleep. Let's be honest. Biting tongue myths have been propagated for years. 

Of course, there are medical conditions in relation to biting your tongue in your dream and I am not here to go over the medical reasons, but it is worth you speaking to your doctor. Reasons that I have come across in my research include that teeth can be misaligned or crowded. In addition, people with seizure disorders may bite their tongue during a seizure caused by a seizure disorder, but this is normally in the daytime. As a final note, some medications can cause people to bite their tongues as a side effect. As I have said before, your doctor should be consulted if you are concerned that you may be biting your tongue for medical reasons.

Biting tongue indicates your own achievement in life

One myth still needs to be dispelled in relation to tongue biting. There is a myth that we aren't accomplishing, making progress, or developing because of someone or something outside our control. We might not be able to master this part of our lives. The message spiritually is that we can control what we SAY to others, and most people are not limited by the limitations of others. We are unable to make progress in our lives because of our own beliefs and perceptions. So, in my view, spiritually no matter how accomplished you may be in life, there is always more to achieve in life. This is your message: strive for more! When you bite your tongue in your sleep it could be a reminder that you must be honest with yourself about your irrational fears and be truthful. Yes, we all fear, don’t we? I know I do. I’m sure you will agree with me. So dispelling that fear from inside is the key message.

Biting tongue in my view can indicate fear

I have mentioned this above but the tongue bite maybe connected to overcoming fear. We have all experienced fear of failure at some point in our lives. Fear can prevent us from doing what we want, even if we know what to do and how to do it. What can we do instead of facing our fears? Storytelling is what we do. Stories about why we aren't where we want to be, and then, bear with me here --- we naturally make those excuses. 

Biting your tongue can indicate that there is a distinct focus on lifestyle. If you are aiming high then this is about how hard you are working at the moment. I also believe that biting your tongue is about being authentic and making sure you do not fake things or have fake people around you. It is also important spiritually to know your limits, we are all looking for money, power, and love in life. If you think you have seen everything then trust me, you have not seen it all. 

Sometimes in life, it is not enough for us to be smart, successful, even the next CEO of a major company or beautiful. There are often things beyond our control or something we lack naturally. I feel the spiritual meaning of the biting is that we need to be committed to improving our skills and talents to achieve success. I’m sure you will agree with me that to master any skill, you must be willing to push past your mental limitations. 

So I feel the biting of the tongue in your sleep brings with it a message ---- that the impossible is possible, it's when you take decisive action to make it happen, you can take a step to make your world better and change the world.

Sometimes it is frustration, anger, and stress that cause the biting of the tongue. I’m sure you have sometimes reached your own threshold, a point at which we say "Never again" or “I just cannot do this” then suddenly we are inspired by someone who provides confidence, and they say “you can do this.”

The biting of the tongue in your sleep indicates that our lives have all been filled with breakthroughs, but I am sure you know these don’t happen over time. I feel that before we start to try to control situations we need to try to be cautious of what is ahead. This is because permanent changes cannot be undone 

What does it mean to bite your tongue in the daytime?

Spiritually, if you bite your tongue during the day it could indicate that you feel fear of change, fear of being alone, and fear of losing your partner. Maybe in the past, you have resisted taking action due to fear of loss and uncertainty. 

Spiritually, we have also seen above that the biblical meaning of biting your tongue can indicate keeping quiet and speaking well of others. I’d like to ask you a question. Have you ever struggled with a particular aspect of your life? Did it take you years, months, or even decades to work this out? In the day, the tongue is active, therefore spiritually this is about being inspired or frustrated which could lead you to decide to end a struggle once and for all. I do feel that biting your tongue in the day spiritually can signify that you may need to change a situation that is not serving you. For example, Smoking is no longer a habit for you. Maybe you've decided to exercise and leave a bad relationship. These are all life changes that could be empowered by the sign of biting your tongue.

Summary of spiritual reasons for biting your tongue

I hope that I have gone over the key elements for you. Biting your tongue in your sleep and in the day could be interpreted slightly differently. Remember, your life can be changed by you. It is possible to change everything in one moment, no matter how long it has been going on. You are about to experience a breakthrough, as spiritually the biting of the tongue is connected to control, fear overcoming problems, and ultimately success for you. I do hope this means something to you and thank you for visiting. Blessings, Flo x

By Florance Saul
Oct 30, 2022