Astral spiders and scorpios - invertebrates

What is the spiritual meaning of spiders in your house?

Spiritual meaning of spiders in your house

Are Spiders in a house representative of evil? This is a question that I will answer for you today. Honestly, the spiders in my view come from the darkness in life. Why are spiders entering your house? I often find spiders coming into my house when there is people in my life who I cannot trust.

A spider appears when I have had contact with someone that is not trustworthy. This all comes from the astral plane. Astral spiders or commonly known as ethereal spiders are rather common and if you are spiritually developed you may find that you are frightened of normal spiders in everyday life, this is because you are aware of the spiders on the astral plane which I will speak about below. For those who have an image, an aspiration, or some understanding of these spiders spiritually on different planes are known as ethereal spiders. To see such a spider means - you aren't going insane. Not even close to it. You're seeing something real. They normally visit us in dreams. Actually, you almost certainly have an intuitive perception which is greater than most. Your third eye and heart chakras are somewhat developed, otherwise, these creepy entities, which exist within the 4th dimension, are impossible to determine without them.

Did you know many invertebrates reside in the astral plane? This may be the reason behind why we are so scared of spiders, scorpions, flys, bed bugs and jellyfish. Firstly, we will focus on astral spiders. Are you aware that many have experienced the negative energy from the astral spider in visions and dreams? If you wish to learn more about this then we have covered this under this article. Before moving onto the actual meaning, I wish to state that if we experience a negative occult experience there might be a way to make it positive by understanding astral spiders. You are able to win against these beings - and triumph.

Personally from a spiritual perspective, for those who have enough understanding of metaphysical history, you will already know the spider's existence. In that, the spider is known in another plane, the negative one - 4th dimension. That is why on this earth we are automatically scared of spiders when we are actually spiritually aware.

Why are spiders Evil?

Ethereal spiders ethereal spiders are creatures only appear in the astral dimension. This is actually where the human aura is visible in its brilliant colors as well as other rainbow-like hues. Upon the very first experience seeing such an astral vermin could come of a shock. These ethereal spider entities use human energy as food. Not really an enjoyable though, I understand, but true. A number of other esoteric scientific studies have stated that these spiders do exist.

The meal source is the aura and this is known as a persons energy field. It's quite common of these astral creatures to connect to one’s back, just like a surfer rides a wave since the spine area provides the kundalini pressure plus they can tap into the energy reserve of individuals.

The chakra system situated across the spine is definitely an energy center of great importance and power. The astral spiders tend to look rather mechanical compared to spiders found in our dimension. Their intention is to basically suck energy. A person's aura is food for them. You will have to have a type of psychic, intuitive development to determine the spiders. Most people’s third eye is closed instead of open because seeing all the things in the 4th dimension will scare people. Whenever you gain 3rd eye ability you can observe a persons aura which is wonderful, beautifully colored. It's not one color however, it can be many. You can observe gold, silver, and a few reds, take your pick, its difficult to explain, like attempting to describe an apple to somebody who has not eaten one. The aura is pure energy.

Now a realistic look at the problem could be a bit frightening. Probably one large hole or much smaller sized holes in your aura. Its a hole - essentially where your aura was once but is not there.

Holes in the Aura - ethereal spiders eating the energy.

Alongside or near this hole you'll find what is known as fractal dimensional spiders. They do seem like spiders and therefore are similar to ants. Their sole function and reason for existence would be to munch away in the aura, or energetic field as some refer to it as, while using aura as food. How do you protect your aura against these astral spiders? It is common to bath in salt, to ensure that a dream catcher is in your bedroom when you sleep and above all create a barrier around your aura by imagining a large white light around the body. Building a barrier around your aura in meditation is the best way to protect against these entities.

Scorpions and ethereal spiders

There is a superstition about the Sahavasis people a Brahman who discovered a hidden treasure but when he opened the box, it was full of scorpions, he was so curious that he decided to hang the box outside his house. Sometime later there was a passing woman who belonged to a lower social class and as she was passing she noticed that someone hung the gold box on the front door. When she was questioning the man about it he made love her and this was known as the secret treasure. The man was delighted and organized a feast in her honor. The man was later considered an outcast for falling in love with a younger woman. The consequence for those who ate with him meant that he was banned from society. And this is what gave the man his name.

At a temple in Kolar which is in Mysoire, there is a hole that has been dug under the entrance and it is full of scorpions. There are superstitions that not a single scorpion can ever survive in the village and that the unique ashes that originate in the shrine of Sattandi Amman are unique to the stings that people may get from scorpions.

The citizens of that area normally walk around with these ashes as they believe they will get cured of the scorpion stings if they apply them on the wounds that they will get on being stung by the scorpions. There are beliefs that if one attempts to catch the scorpions while the gods are sleeping then they will not get stung.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012