The Art of Synthesis

the art of synthesis

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Students invariably commence their character reading in an Analytical manner, and should, therefore, be careful not to venture upon detailed statements which may be proved in­accurate when Synthetic methods are supplied.

The Art of Analysis is the Art of applying one Law, or reading the meaning of one sign, without considering the effect of another Law or another sign or a combination of Laws and Signs. When the process of combining the effect of one law with another, or one sign with another, is undertaken, it is called the "The Art of Synthesis." This is one of the most difficult phases of character read­ing, for the varied characters resulting from the complexity of the combinations can only be ascertained by the application of this art, and the student will at once realize how defective the Art of Analysis is when compared with the Art of Synthesis.

An elementary example of this Art may be found in judging the Size of a Head, Face, or Hand as a whole. The size may be Small, Medium, or Large, and it is comparatively an easy matter to analyze, in a general way, the characteristics therefrom, but the application of the other laws, as well as the Law of Size, will determine the details of a more extended diagnosis. Thus, it will be seen that the solution of every problem affecting the character, capacity, and health of individuals, is determined by reference to the laws referred to. A mathe­matician, in seeking the solution of some complex problem, does not disregard the simple principles of addition, multi­plication, and subtraction, if he did, his conclusions would prove false. And so the student must not disregard the prin­ciples of character reading if he would solve the problems of human idiosyncrasies

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013