Arrow head

Arrow head

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Neolithic flint Arrow-heads were supposed to have been made by the fairies, and were held in high esteem for their supposed magical powers.

The Arrow-heads were called Elf-shots. The amulet was worn on a necklace to protect the wearer from all kinds of bodily illness, and was a potent charm for averting the evil-eye. When the Arrow-head was dipped in water it was thought that the water had the power of entering almost all diseases, and this superstition still exists in some countries, even at the present time.

The arrowhead is found to be a supernatural omen, it is empowering and enables one to call upon the spirits. The arrow head is even thought to be works of satan in ancient times, in scotland in the UK, it was thought that arrow heads were the work of satan. These weapons were usually shot in war, the spot that the arrow head reaches after travel is thought to be the point of hell. They were prized aluments. To find an arrowhead is often associated with good luck. Superstitions surrounding this arrowhead is focused on the origin of this weapon. The triangle formation is associated with magical entities. This triangle should call upon in times of crisis. Lets just exam where arrowheads come from and what is the significance in spiritual terms. If we go back to the stoneage arrows were used to sharpen instruments.

Let's now look at the design of an arrow. Arrowheads can be attached to a shaft. In Europe the arrowheads were often joined with candle wax before firing. From superstitions perspective this wax was normally white to signify purity. Some arrowheads have been made from wonderful stone such as quartz. In ancient Greece the arrowhead was made of bronze and they were often triangular in shape. Modern arrowheads are associated with archers and this sport is gaining popularity. These heads rely on force.

If we look at arrow heads today one would look at archery, it is good luck to shoot an arrow right in the middle of a tree. Apparently, arrows were shot at random in Europe. This was normally to harm someone. If the arrow was found flying in the air it is thought to attract angels. Specifically, those of protection. The malevolent superstition is found in the year 1139 in Scotland, specifically focused on the Pope Innocent. He reported that arrowheads were fatal and are associated with the occult. Wearing the arrowhead was associated with protecting against evil - specifically the evil eye. If an arrow is seen to be in a tree near cattle it is associated with the elf-shot - which we touched on earlier.

Often triangular in shape. Modern arrowheads are associated with archers and this sport is gaining popularity. These heads rely on force. In ancient times people thought that drinking out of a glass which contained in an arrowhead would cure them from illnesses. Obviously, during these times the actual arrowheads were made from metal so it is unknown if this caused a cure or not - probably not! Many people believe that the arrowhead originates from fairies, in the woodlands the arrowhead is associated with magical beings.

To find a red Indian arrowhead is generally a sign of good luck or good fortune. You are sure to unlock the hidden intention if an arrowhead is found in your path while walking. It is good luck to see an animal killed with an arrow. Going back many centuries ago, during war times the arrow was considered an omen of ill fortune. In modern times, an arrowhead is less superstitious due to the fact that it is not a weapon of war.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012