Arrow superstitions

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

There is a surprising amount of symbolism surrounding a simple arrow.

An arrow can represent the hunt, the sun’s rays or the might of God. Apollo’s arrow is said to symbolize supreme power, while Cupid’s arrows stand for love (golden) or the dissolution thereof (leaded). Psychologically the arrow is seen as the male sex symbol, a piercing and penetrating phallic image. It has also been associated with male aggression and violence. The arrow has specific meanings when paired with other objects. For example: when piercing a heart (conjugation), coupled with a cross (affliction), pictured with the horseshoe (androgyne) and with fire or flames (Christ).

In the ancient times arrows were used as tools as well as hunting objects, it was believed that there was a lot of significance that was attached to them. For instance, there was a common belief that if one wore an arrowhead then that was a clear sign and an assurance of protection against an evil spirit or evil eye. Whenever cows fell sick it was believed that shooting them with an arrow could restore back their lost health. In addition to curing animals, there was the belief that if a lady fell ill then by drinking water into which an arrowhead was dipped then it would heal her from all her ailments.

Among the Arabs, arrows were used especially when dealing which serious and binding matters that were for the interest of a society of family. For instance three arrows which bore signs of no, yes and another blank when dealing in matters like marriage and traveling. In the event the decision to be taken was allowed by the prediction of the yes arrow, then it meant that it would be undertaken. And if no then it would be delayed till the following year. In the event where there was a doubt on a given incident, the people would commit themselves to the idol that was called Hubal with gift of hundred camels and for the purpose of arrow caster. The arrows would determine the kind of relationship and the way forward.

In the event an arrow head was pointed at an individual to end a life then life changing insights would be apparent. To see an arrow during, before or after a child’s birth, then that was a clear indication that one belonged to the community. In ancient times rituals would be performed using the arrow. If the arrow pointed from someone to the individual then it was evident that it was a relation of allies. Moreover, if there was consociation between the arrows then it was an indication that the person for whom the ritual was being performed would retain his or her position.

The American Indians had deep rooted spiritual and traditional teachings that were passed from generation to generation and some based on arrow beliefs. For instance, arrows were meant to depict movement, force and power. An arrow that was pointing downwards was a symbol of peace while an arrow that was pointing to the left was a sign of warding a home against the devil while pointing to the right was a sign of protection. On the other hand if arrows pointed together then that was a prediction of war approaching.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012