Aries, The Ram

Aries Superstition

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First sign of the Zodiac, March 21st to April 20th.

Mars the ruling planet, and Iron the correct metal. Those born under the influence of Aries were supposed to be brave, ambitious, optimistic, confident, and fond of adventure. The Aries gems are the Diamond, Jasper, and Blood-stone.

The Diamond was always regarded with much veneration in olden times, and was worn to make its wearer bold and daring. Napoleon Bonaparte had the celebrated “Regent,” or “Pitt” Diamond (136 carate, valued at about £500,000) set in the hilt of his sword. At one time it was believed that the wearing of very large Diamonds brought ill-luck and misfortune to the wearer.

The sun sign Aries wants to be different from others, be special. This star sign is suppose to approach a problem or conflict well. The are basically uncomplicated and seen rather assertive in life. They strop away everything that they do not see is towards their goals. Goal setting is a key trait of Aries, for example the menu for dinner or the organisation around a party. The Arians want to get everything in order.

This star sign is rather adventurous and energetic. There is a focus on pioneering towards something special, something interesting. The danger for this star sign is that they jump into something without thinking about it. They tend to have quick reactions to problems. One moment they are doing x and the next y.

The problem with this is that nothing is planned and things can be limited for some time. The main elements of this star sign is that they value achievement - which is considered important. There have been many superstitions that have outlined that the Aries star sign can be rather selfish. Winning is vital. They sometimes lack the empathy for others, which often appears in their life in other ways - such as not caring too much for others. Arian children must be made aware and be shown caring and nurturing nature.

This will result in arian children to be more settled later in life. If we look at the partnership or relationship side of the Aries star sign the partners must be capable of reactive well to selfish behaviour. In addition the Iranian is normally the one that initiates a partnership. Infusion is something that this star sign always show. The Arian child will always want the latest gadget - and wish to spend money on a new fad - spending that the parents may not necessarily have. The child will further develop great need for close friendships.

The problem that this star sign has is that they are prone to spending much money unnecessarily, therefore shortly down the line after buying various consumer goods they may become bored and they would be ready for the next gadget to come along. Going more into adulthood this is sun sign tends to progress well however academically they tend to struggle with any examinations that require patience and perseverance. Their ability to recognise the time when it is required to catch up with others from an academic perspective will normally be quite strong.

Therefore, they will be able to put effort enthusiasm into improving. As soon as they see others achieve better than themselves they will find this increasingly common while being a teenager or a university setting they tend to flourish. One can only hope that's a desire to study harder will be at the correct time in life. The Arian will always struggle with discipline and would be much better working for themselves.

Moving on to when this sun sign becomes parents, they become interesting and delightful towards their child. they make good parents. they have no trouble displaying any emotional connection to that child and we'll happily encourage that child throughout life. This can be not only from an academic perspective but also emotionally.

The danger is that because Aries pretends to be rather selfish the child is pushed into extra curricular activities because it is what the parent wants rather than what the child enjoys. Moving on to career prospects, we touched on possible careers previously. As mentioned this sun sign would benefit from being independent. It is important for this sun sign to have the freedom and autonomy to work for themselves and they may find this is where they flourish in life.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012