Are Ladybugs Good Luck?

Ladybug Meaning Good Luck

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If a ladybug lands on you, it’s a sign of good luck.

There are plenty of valid reasons a ladybug will land on you. Maybe it is just a coincidence! Or you happen to be standing in a certain way or wearing a certain colored garment. The ladybug or ladybird is a small normally red beetle that is considered a lucky charm throughout the world. Additionally, it is also considered bad luck to kill one. There is a poem you are supposed to say when you see a ladybug as follows:

Ladybug, ladybird

Fly away home

Your house is on fire

And your children all gone

All except one and that is little Ann

And she has crept under the watering can

Then you are suppose to blow on the ladybug and she should fly away home. This is suppose to bring double luck! You will be pleased to learn that according to ancient folklore it turns out that the ladybug brings with it positive energy. The ladybug denotes a perfect time for a new start if she lands on you this is due to the red color which I will go into a bit later on. The ladybug in chinese mythology denotes new beginnings, and focus. Moreover, it implies you will reap the greatest rewards through your hard work. In fact, most of the insects bring good luck to people. They’re harmless and beneficial. The ladybug is a member of the beetle family and comes in different colors. Most of them are red and recognizable by the black dots on their back.

Farmers work to increase their population of ladbugs in order to protect their crops from other insects. Did you know that one ladybug can eat over 5,000 aphids? Many superstitions surround ladybugs. Although they’re North American insects, ladybugs are respected and widely popular because of their artistic appearance. According to Irish folklore killing a ladybug brings bad luck which is the opposite if one lands on you.

Is it lucky for a ladybug to land on you?

Yes, many cultures strongly believe that all ladybugs bring luck, especially if one lands on you. If you see or have a ladybug on your clothing, it foretells a successful romantic relationship, good weather, financial gains or get one of your biggest wishes fulfilled. Some people even believe that if a ladybug lands on you, the old way of life will be replaced with a new, improved focus. In simpler words, you will experience a positive change.

Spots of ladybug

The spots of ladybugs have a special meaning too. In the Middle Ages, people believed that the seven spots of a ladybug represent the seven sorrows of Mary. Meaning, ladybugs are also respected by European Christian societies. Allegedly, farmers would pray to Virgin Mary to protect their harvest, and ladybugs would suddenly appear. They called these insects “Beetles of our Lady” which is where the name “ladybugs” originates from as the term is associated with the Virgin Mary.

What does the ladybug mean in folklore?

I have mentioned this already, but to recap, seeing a ladybug land on you signifies good luck, however, killing one brings bad luck in many cultures. The ladybug has different meanings in different cultures. For example, in English folklore, it’s believed that ladybugs can carry away diseases, signifies wishes, and marriage. If you have a ladybug landing on you, it means that you will get married in the following year. If you count the spots on the ladybug’s back, it will tell you how many children will you have and how much money will you make throughout your life.

In American folklore, if a ladybug enters your home, you and your family will encounter happy events and lucky moment. If one lands on your hands and flies away, good luck will follow your side. In Canada, if you see a ladybug and you make a wish, it’s inevitable that your wish will come true if the bug flies away without your assistance.

Is a ladybug considered lucky throughout the world?

In Swedish culture, it’s believed that if you’re a girl and you see a ladybug landing on you, you will be married soon. Italians believe if a ladybug flies into your bedroom, you will experience good luck with your love life. Australians have long believed that ladybugs predict the weather, meaning if you see one, it means good weather is ahead. In Chinese folklore, the ladybug represents luck, especially if you find one in your home. Germans believe that if a ladybug has seven spots, you will experience a great harvest in the following year, while French people believe that if you see a ladybug in the wine-growing regions, it will bring good weather and a great harvest in the following year. In the Netherlands, this insect’s images are used to protest against irrational violence. As you can see, there’s not one negative superstition associated with ladybugs. Only positive ones.

What does it mean if ladybugs keep landing on you?

As I have previously mentioned there does not appear to be a negative superstition regarding the ladybug. However, many wonder what does it mean if a ladybug keeps landing on you. Well, ladybugs are known to bring luck. However, if you keep seeing them flying around, it can signify that you’re doing something to block your own luck. Perhaps you can’t see all the blessing life sends on your way. And the ladybug will appear until you do one day.

What should you do when a ladybug lands on you?

If a ladybug lands on you, don’t squish it. Stay still and see how many spots the ladybug has on its back. Allegedly, in supersitions the number of spots will predict the number of lucky months in your life. The more intensive the color of the ladybug that lands on you, the bigger luck you will experience. It’s believed that red ladybugs bring the best luck of all.

Others believe that if a ladybug lands on you, you need to make a wish and wait for the ladybug to fly off on its own, without assistance. If you count the spots on its back, you will discover the number of months or years before your wish comes to a realization.

During the Middle Ages, people believed that ladybugs symbolized protection because of the experience farmers had with these insects. They would protect their crops from other plant eaters. And thanks to their ability to do so, people still consider ladybugs as talismans for protection and safety against any harm.

This is why you often notice ladybugs on children’s clothing. It’s believed that these bugs protect children, especially babies. But the symbolism of ladybugs also includes love, prosperity, and joy. It’s also known that if a ladybug crawls on an unmarried woman’s hand, she will get married in the following year.

Ladybugs are also symbols of self-reliance. Although they’re small and tiny, they’re still capable of defending themselves from predators. Did you know that when a ladybug feels endangered, it releases a horrible smell that will chase away the predators?

Taking this into consideration, it is clear that the ladybug has a special skill of defence. This can transfer to mean you can always defend yourself. Now, according to many ancient superstitions, if you kill a ladybug, bad luck will follow you around. Allegedly, you will enter the Virgin Mary’s bad book for nine days straight.

What does it mean spiritually to squash a ladybug?

The ladybug represents a symbol of good luck for a long time in the Western world. So, it’s not a surprise that killing a ladybug will bring the opposite of what it stands for. Allegedly, if you kill a ladybug, bad luck won’t leave your side for a long time after.

What do the spots mean on a ladybug?

Although we all believe that the spots on the back of a ladybug have a magical meaning, which we’ll talk about later, they’re an actual defensive mechanism to escape predators. The spots come in different numbers and shapes. Some believe that the spots tell a ladybug’s age. But it’s not scientifically proven to be true.

And since some of these bugs have 24 dots, and the age of a ladybug should be 24, it’s not possible and legit because ladybugs have a lifespan of 1 year. However, some cultures believe that the spots may reveal what we’re going through right now and show how many stages of transformation we shall pass in order to become the best version of ourselves. If a ladybug has 1 spot, it signifies union. If it has 2, it represents duality. Three dots stand for transcending opposites, while 4 symbolizes cardinal directions. The 5 stands for the center. Six is for perfection, while 7 stands for competition, eternal life, and center.

What does a yellow ladybug mean landing on you?

I guess most of you didn’t know that when a ladybug breaks free from its pupa, its colors aren’t still formed as they should. The color transformation may last between a couple of hours to a couple of days. At first, their wings are pale yellow or spotless. Over the days, their dots develop, and their wings start turning red or orange. This is why you see yellow or spotless ladybugs, that are often mistaken for albino ladybugs.

Oh and there’s no such thing as an albino ladybug. Only young ones that didn’t get their color yet. So, we’ve all heard nothing but positive things about this insect. It’s associated with positive superstitions only. Meaning, if a ladybug is your totem, you’re a happy, interesting person to hang out with. It can mean that you are interested in the unknown and the Universe. Also, you’re an intuitive person by nature. The ladybug is trustworthy and joyful.

If a ladybug enters your life, it means you’re going to encounter a success in love, enjoy an excellent weather, gain profits thanks to your hard work and get your biggest wish fulfilled. Ladybugs also bring positive news and changes so it is a good thing you encountered one!

By Florance Saul
Oct 8, 2018