Aquarius, The Water-Bearer

Aquarius, The Water-Bearer

Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Every star sign is superstitious.

We must remember that being born to a certain month is suppose to equal personal traits that others do not have. People of this star sign belive the following: Bad luck generally runs in threes. Passing magpies - one must salute twice Eleventh sign of the Zodiac, Jan. 20th to Feb 19th.

Ruling planet Uranus; correct metal, lead. Those born under the influence of Aquarius were believed to be intelligent, of strong will-power, inventive, deep thinkers, artistic, and cautious to money matters. The Aquarius gems are the Garnet and the Hysointh. The Garnet, throughout India and Persia, was a favourite amulet against plague and poison, also worn to attract cheerfulness and good health. In the Middle Ages, it was used as a charm to protect against all inflammatory diseases and to ensure happiness. It was also supposed to warn its wearer of approaching peril and danger.

People born under this star sign have original ideas, they are positive and fulfilled in life. The sign is ruled by air and the danger is not to become too focused on one thing. The people born under this sign need to realise that they can at times be rather stubborn, they have the tendency to be too honest for their own good, often making sure that nothing is left unturned.

Contrary to popular belief the aquarian tends to go for careers that is focused on giving freedom - often working for themselves. Although they have the reputation of being honest they are still rather reserved, not wanting to give others too much. As teenagers the aquarium person can sometimes be rather unpredictable and have strong opinions. This can cause them to fall out with people and generally indicate that they become reserved. Awareness of such a problem will enable this star sign to shine in life.

Being and remaining positive in the face of adverse conditions is the main challenge for this star sign. Emotional problems can also surface if their childhood is complex. Of all the signs the Aquarian finds it difficult to stick to one relationship. Emotional ties can sometimes provide this star sign with problems to “emotionally” connect to others. They realise that in time they must settle down to have a family but enjoy the freedom of life. They are often found single for long periods of time but when they find the love of their life that is when this star sign shines.

Rather much like the Capricorn they are ultra loyal. The place of venus in this sign - will affect the Aquarians life. Let’s move on to the family aspects of this star sign. Children of this star sign are great believers in life and are generally content, happy and able to enjoy life. They normally do not follow rules well and have been known to be called - free spirits. Bear in mind, they need guidance as they can be rational, however as children they have great social lives and trust others. The problem being that they may trust others too much.

Work that involves giving back to others is what drives the young Aquarian. Things such as charity work, especially regarding animals as they tend to be caring. Creative aspects of this star sign should be encouraged. As a parent this star sign means the carer stays focused and try’s to do the best for the child. They work hard to provide a good, solid education. They believe in the free spirit and do not want to push the child too much. Security is a major factor and education is important to this parent.

The great thing about the Aquarian as a parent is that despite problems they usually make great parents. So this leads us to what superstitions surround this star sign? There is an ancient superstition that the aquarian gets annoyed if waiting for a decision. They do not like waiting, a sudden decision means that their life is uneasy! Strangely, superstitious state that the Aquarian is best in cold weather. Therefore, the colder months are more productive for this star sign. If this star sign’s work is boring and not challenging than they are often left without purpose in life. They should give special thought to others and what they need to do to be happy. Spare-time is normally focused on the quest for self knowledge. Kindness is always a trait that is show to others but more appreciation of those that are wealthy. They tend to focus on “get rich quick” schemes.

The aquarium is also open and frank and superstition shows that they may worry. Moving onto the minerals and stones of this sign. It is though their gemstone is Aquamarine and salt are lucky trinkets to carry on their person. In addition, the lucky metal for this star sign in aluminium. This star sign should wear turquoise in order to attract luck. Pepper should also be used and their spirit guides are normally birds. (especially large birds) Superstitions surrounding this star sign are around the development of this sign. The two jugs are from the Egyptian god Hapi, who was suppose to water the earth with two jugs.

There is also a strong association with this god, especially as water means movement. This star sign should call upon Hapi in times of crisis. The ruling planet is Uranus (saturn) additionally, they are prone to have problems with their circulation, legs, and ankles. Eager for self knowledge this star sign will value education. Typical countries to visit and “lucky” places for this star sign to live are: Israel Finland Sweden Poland Russia Self knowledge are traits the aquarium tries to uncover during their lifetime.

Individuals can be extremely stubborn, and distinctively know when others are lying. The quick reactions to others are normally due to scientific flare. Further superstitions predict that from a health perspective this star sign will hold special qualities if they eat the following foods: oranges, apples, lemon and dried fruit. In conclusion, there are many superstitions surrounding this star sign, as they are reserved in relationships - but also compassionate. The Aquarian should try to follow the superstitions above in order to uncover good luck.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012