Ant superstition

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Ants are hard working insects.

The common saying, “having ants in ones pants." This term has been used to describe being impatient or a worrying person. It was an ancient term that was used to describe someone who was jumpy and ready to go. It was suppose to be a humorous term. Ants are classified the same as bees in terms of labor and hard work, among various African traditions their existed a range of superstitious in regard to ants.

Ants have long been regarded as a "team" working insect. To see an ant cross ones path is generally a positive omen. To see ants running away from you denotes that someone will be speaking about you to others. If black ants are seen within the home this is a positive omen which means that wealth will be yours. To have a nest near your home indicates that good luck. If an ant fights with another then this suggests that an enemy will be near you within the next week. If Ants are building a nest outside the actual door of your home then this suggests abundance.

Also in most traditional African traditions, there were many beliefs that were linked to the ant. This was in relation to sowing and harvesting. It was thought that the ant can help predict good and bad weather, this was associated with direction in which the ants were moving. For example, if ants moved from east to west in a group then in was an indication that the harvest was near. On the other hand if they moved from west to east then in was an indication that the rains were approaching and thus people were supposed to prepare their fields for sowing.

Moreover, there was a superstition that the red ant is associated with the devil. If one found the red ant on their path then crossed or even jumped over them then that was a sign of bad luck and possible danger that day. In addition, there was also a belief of good luck, fortune and wealth that was linked to ants. It was believed that if ants built an anthill on ones house and especially towards the direction of a cowshed, then this was a clear sign that there was good luck on the way to that home and at the same time meant that wealth would accumulate in that home!

To see a number of ants in a row on the floor (a trail of ants) and this trail goes under a door or chair, this is a sign that you have not told the truth to someone during a conversation. If the ant has been stepped on then this is a sign that one will die within a year.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012