Uncover hidden superstitions meanings

Generally angels are viewed as benevolent, spiritual beings, divine and pure.

They are the messengers and attendants of God and liaisons to the Earthbound. While our image of angles can vary, they seem most often represented as beautiful and flawless, human in form but for the addition of wings and clothed in the purest white.

Angels are suppose to be the messengers of god. Common object symbolism associated with angles includes harps, trumpets, flaming swords, scepters and lilies. There is no religion that does not include angels in some kind of form. Angels are believed universally. This could be from Greek, Egyptian, or even Roman mythology. They all feature a winged creature who brings about happiness. We are all aware people given a guardian angel throughout life.

This guardian angel guides us and tells us how to be the best in life. Giving much advice to people. Zoroastrianism is associated with many types of spirit guides. Normally referred to as “area fravash.” Angels feature deep in much artistic works. Famous paintings where angels have been the subject. Authors and artists, even poets have attempted to cover the hidden fields of angel work. This doesn’t just focus on artistic work but also music and paintings. To the point where one could actually believe they are real. Angels have been featured in many works of poetry from elder Allen Poe to Henry Longfellow. We have lot's more on angels in our magic section of the site. Including specific overview of each well known angel.

By Florance Saul
Jan 20, 2017