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Similar to Alpha and Omega the androgyne is both beginning and end.

It is wholeness and duality, the loss of separateness of personality and the unity of man and woman. If Adam was credited as the originator of all life, created in God’s own image and inherently bisexual, then the creation of the female – introduction of Eve – can be seen as the beginning of the fall from perfection into duality. Some aspect of masculinity on a feminine body is thought to be a sign of profound judgment; this may be relative to the practice of donning the clothing from the opposite sex in certain ritual dances associated with witchcraft.

Androgyny in essence is one of the most baffling phenomena with regard to sexuality. It is defined as a combination of both male and female organs in one person. In most instances, that is considered to be a disorder and less than one percent of the human population have such traits. However, in some of the African tribes especially the Dagon, it was believed to be a sign of perfection. In most cultures, the attribute old androgyny was meant for the gods which were thought to be elements of perfect creation. According to scientific studies and beliefs, androgyny is based on three principles that are psychological, spiritual and physical.

In most of the countries in Europe, during the ancient times if it happened that a child which was born had androgyny attributes, in most instances they were given up to the church since they were believed to be a sign of bad luck and were believed not to fit into the societal norms which were based on sexuality of either male or female. From the biblical perspective it is said that Adam was created in the likeness of God, and since God is neither male nor female then it is believed that Adam was androgyny by nature. And as a result it is believed that anybody that had the attribute, had the nine components, like those of God which included: power, intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, justice, love, beauty, foundation and strength which are the attributes of both male and female personalities.

In some cultures, Androgyny was considered a sign of satanic revelation and as a result was killed. In his book, June Singer points out the plight of human beings with such disorders whereby they would be killed by the society. According to the Israelites from the Bible, it was believed that anybody that was an androgyny would not be able to produce an offspring as that was considered unholy. In effect it was preferred in the case where an androgyny that had married, his wife would be allowed to produce an offspring with her husband’s brother who was not an androgyny. They would not be allowed to enter and congregate with other members especially in congregations and were offered different roles to play as they were believed to be possessing supernatural powers that were consequential to the normal human beings. Most Christians believe that at one point before getting to heaven everybody will have to be converted into the condition so that they would ultimately be just like God. This is considered to be the final state of attaining perfection and suitability in the kingdom of Heaven.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012