Ambulance meaning

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It is thought that if one comes across an ambulance then it is bad luck.

It was believed that until the person sees an ambulance then they must hold their collar. This was a popular superstition in the 1920's. Touching the ground when seeing an ambulance was an alternative way to prevent bad luck. The blue light emitting from the ambulance impacts the brain into thinking that there is an emergency. It is thought that an ambulance seen on a motorway will affect your sleep. There is a popular superstition to hold the left hand up at the ambulance to prevent harm. The ambulance can also signify ill health. Drastic diets or fitness programs can be harmful without proper breaks or expert help.

The ambulance may appear, in particular if one is trying to recover from an existing health condition. Sometimes the ambulance is a trigger to see a doctor or get an opinion medically. The sound that was recorded in 1906 when seeing an ambulance is as follows: Touch your collar. Never Swallow. Never get the fever. Touch your nose. Never go in one of those. Until you see a dog. Additionally, spitting on the pavement after an ambulance passes will enable the person to prevent any future illness. In those times, the ambulance was known as an ill fated vehicle and that if you meet one you will surely contact a sickness.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that seeing an ambulance means that danger is coming, but it just illustrates the need for improving health and performance in life. For most, it's simply a way to optimize their bodies through better nutrition, supplementation and fitness. Indeed, to see an ambulance pass you on the road indicates that with time you can have full control of your body and change your own health for the better. By eating the correct diet one can keep high energy levels and focus on the things that are important to your life.

By Florance Saul
Oct 29, 2012